Big GM.S welcome to @robinjohnson @raulboo @Vivi_Silversword and @trumgottist :blobmelt:

Please ask if you have any trouble figuring the place out, finding people to follow, or anything else.

A good way to get started it to make an introductory post with some interests tagged, and attach the tags 'introduction' and 'introductions' too.

(edited to add an extra person and fix me typos. I hope it doesn't re-ping people?)

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Hi! Game Making Social is a part of the Fediverse dedicated to being a well-moderated, cosy, friendly place to talk and share stuff about amateur videogame making, and everything surrounding that.

It's kinda an offshoot of Game Making Tools, which is a wiki(+) for a similar audience.

Game makers, game writers, game curators, etc. etc. most welcome!

I also try to maintain a list of not-jerk game-making communities on the wiki, which you might find interesting.

Please read the rules before signing-up :)

PS: We have Animal Crossing, LSD, and Klik & Play emoji :3