instance meta, poll about announcements 

Dunno if youse have seen the new announcement feature (I just created an example), but I was thinking it could be a better way to notify people of instance news like blocks.

Announcements are only shown to people logged in, and they are harder to miss, as they won't dissapear down your timeline.

So, would people prefer me to keep making block announcements via toot, or would people prefer them to be made as 'announcements'?

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re: instance meta, poll about announcements 

@gamemakingtools I think publicly posted blocks with descriptions are good because it helps spread information on bad actors across the fediverse.

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re: instance meta, poll about announcements 

@packbat Good point! If we switched over t oannouncements I'd still create taged toots for ones I haven't heard anyone else mention / when I have additional details.

(I mostly actually do instance research from my main account on another instance. So would keep sharing info there)

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