instance meta, future instance block: 


It's taken me too long to do this, but I'll be blocking in a week.

The admin is totally fine with hosting Alex Gleeson, who's a TERF, and I am not comfortable federating with an instance that would support that.

I wanted to gives some heads-up. If you follow or interact with anyone there you may wish to tell them, or may wish to leave this instance.

re: instance meta, future instance block: 

@gamemakingtools Thanks for giving an actual heads up, many instance owners just block without any sort of warning ahead of time. I've always been a fan of blocking as little as possible given my experiences with Twitter but ultimately the decision belongs to administrators and people shouldn't give them shit for it. It amazes me that people won't make an account on multiple instances - this would literally get around the blocking problem and leave everyone happy - if you want to talk to people on Gab or Spinster or "Free Speech" extremism websites, why not make accounts there rather than harassing instance admins over it? Anyways I support your decision regardless and thanks for providing an actual notice to everyone.
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