instance meta, masto v3 

So yeah, lots of changes in Masto version 3.

A real nice one is that I can display the list of blocked instances withou having to hand-edit it every time. You can view it on the about/more page:

- - -

The custom emoji can be categorised now!

- - -

There's supposed to be allow-list federation too, but I haven't figured that out yet.

instance meta, masto v3 

I saw there is also the possibility to add a reason for blocking to every blocked instance. Very nice!

Maybe you could add notes to the instances on's block list sometimes.
Some of the URLs there dont sond like they belong to toxic places. I'd like to know whats wrong with them.

instance meta, masto v3 

@themightyglider Yeah, you can even make the notes appear only to people who are logged-in. I'll try to put the reasons there in the future.

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