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Game Making Tools

I wrote a little thing about HenyaG, a weird free Japanese PalmOS game-making tool from the early 2000s

Also I should mention that Game Critique Club is starting up on the forums. First game is 'Ball 2' by Phil:

Aggregate or aggrevate, I wonder what the typo was suppsoed to be ( * 0*)

Hmmm. Makes me think another good project would be an aggreate RSS feed of interesting game blogs.

Like I'm just trying to think of someone just getting started doing stuff with games, and wondering where to find people, where to find other games..

Can't sleep, so goign to do a wiki page for related chummy communities.

And I guess the SSl cert expired whoops ;[]

"why are you using Gimp when you could be using KidPix"

Been doing some CSS fidling with the forums tonight. Hopefully makes things a bit clearer and easier to use.

Ideally I'll do a few themes and people can select their own preference. Would like a really bare one, and a really fancy one with lits of bevels and colours and effects 💫

Lots of interesting events popping up:

There's 'Finally Finish Something' on Itch

And a couple of new Glorious Trainwrecks ones:

Collab Jam


Hmm. Anyone have any suggestions for good primers on knowledge representation? I have a relatively complicated web of knowledge I want to write up for my games procedural generators and feel my current methods leave something to be desired. :/

Hey here's s thing: If you're making a rad videogame making tool but can't afford a website hmu and i can host it for you, plus give you a subdomain :)

Feel free to share this message!