Anyone have a good read on how to set up a mailing list?

Very excited to announce:

💥hydra microgrants 💥
funding for community projects involving hydra video synth

💥Apply by November 7th!! 💥

💥 organised by @hellocatfood
and @ojack , w/ guest judge Monrhea Carter

#generativeart #livecoding

Been wanting to transfer some stuff off cassette for ages, but all my tapes players are broken (and all my CD players… and my record player was being weird today…). Had the thought last night to see if there were any made to fit in a 5¼ drive bay and hey look at these fellas:

(I'm not actually going to buy one of these, I'll just replace a belt or four, I just like learning about things you can put in drive bays)

Call for 'Ghost', a new issue of Runway edited by Xanthe Dobbie

Block recs.:, 

Some rightwing podcaster gamergater loser I never heard of:

Admin's some other podcaster.

Their fed timeline is mostly poast, but also turned up this place I'd never seen:

went for a Night Walk then stephen sent me a draft of this, which I think is really good, about why it's worth doing anything for its own sake:

Introducing 20 SECOND GAME JAM.

Make a mini-game that lasts exactly 20 seconds, from start to finish—a tiny burst of gameplay that drops the player straight into the action!

It runs from November 4 to November 27 and is sponsored by DragonRuby Game Toolkit. Free DR licences will be available. (You can use any game engine you like for the jam.)

For more info, head over to and click the JOIN button.

Then go tell all your friends, family and any talented pets about it.

Block rec.: 

Okay this place sucks too:

Boosting kiwifarms, noagenda.

Block recs.:, 

Last two for the night, hopefully for the weekend/week/ever…

Another two instances friendly with Gleason. Randland runs Soapbox (and that domain sure has a whiff), Blazingopen seems t ofederate with everyone, should be pretty obvious from the timeline.

Block rec.: 

Rightwing tech bozo's instance. Boosting Gleasonator.

Guy's company also has a really shit website.

Block recs.:, is chummy with all the worst instances: admin is boosting Gleasonator posts:

Started a category for tools that let you make games (and probably other things) with just a text editor.

Any suggestions?

Currently just:

- ChoiceScript
- Ink
- Jupiter Engine
- Tombed Deluxe (level editor)

I know there are more level editors, at least. Vaguely remember some way of making music with little text files...

What's up to every one, it's actually a fastidious for me to visit
this website, it includes priceless Information.

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