Exciting nerd news for those part of a tilde server community:



"Host static websites with tildegit pages!

It's quick, easy, free & fast - just put your open source project's homepage, developer blog or web experiment into a Git repository at tildegit, and we'll do the rest."

Hi @thanevim and welcome.

We have a bit of a guide at gamemaking.tools/wiki/index.ph, and some links to some other ones at the bottom, but otherwise feel free to @ me with any questions you have.

made a nice font for pico-8. each character is 5x7 pixels but there's no spacing between letters or lines when printing strings so most are actually 4x6

Lots of block recs. 

Channer types:

sb.greenboys.club (sb.greenboys.club/@beardalaxy)

misskey.cafkafk.com (misskey.cafkafk.com/@cafkafk)



Some Soapbox places:


twhtv.club (twhtv.club/@ThatsWhatHappened)


I'm making a game for the ZX Spectrum Next using C. This is my ongoing devlog on the process.

In this episode I waffle on about the general aim of what I'm trying to do and some of the code I have written so far.


what's with tech people and pseudo-millitary jargon like *ops and comms?

apparently my elderly neighbor has been maintaining a personal website about the history of UK photography and it is an incredible piece of work.

apparently he still uses some piece of adobe software from the 90s. there is so much care and effort here, and its such a pristine image of the early web being still updated 😭


okay #brutaldon is back and happy at brutaldon.org/ for all your brutalist fediverse needs.

it's also now living in the cloud again, so the final public facing service in the lab has been relocated.

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I'm delighted to announce the Draknek New Voices Puzzle Grant - grants of $20k or $5k for puzzle game creators from under-invested-in groups, including mentorship in collaboration with
Astra Games
Applications open until July 3

Come join the second official #rpginabox game jam and have fun creating! The deadline is now May 30th. You can even use the free demo version, and the winner receives a free copy of RPG in a Box!
#voxel #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #indiegames

In a shock move that nobody could have predicted, the is being extended by a week.

Sources say that this turn of events is unprecedented, with the exception of *every other DragonRuby *.

Submissions will close at end of day on Sunday May 29. That means you now have two whole weeks to finish your game or, if you're late to the party, you have two whole weeks to start and finish your game.


Some strange reversals have happened in interface design in the last few years. For instance, many of the buttons displayed on screen don't change the state of an application, but change the state of the user. Typical examples are of such buttons are labeled with "get started", "explore", or "see more", "launch experience", etc... These are basically links to other parts of an application and do not activate or change anything significant in the computer or for other users. They're more about making the user repeat a mantra, or change their attitude before they can access the next piece of information. Always reminds me of Mouchette's "Kill That Cat"

Some of the things I'm thinking of:
Foldscape (Porpentine)
Folder Poetry (Melanie Hoff)
Oasis VR ( @notplants )
Adventure Game OS ( @jameschip spec)
Secret Sound Shop (created in Linux dialog, by me),
All Your Time-Tossed Selves (Porpentine, created in Google forms)
ExoColony (created in html web forms, by me)
AppleScript poem-games by my students

would love to find out more suggestions in this space as well

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Kind of excited for this one to be out there because I really love this book: I got to interview Jaroslav Švelch on Gaming The Iron Curtain, a study of hobbyist gamemaking in 1980s Czechoslovakia


Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it: bjoernkarmann.dk/occlusion-gro

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A year-long search for a lost video game pioneer comes to a happy conclusion today.

It is our honor and privilege to introduce you to Van Mai, the innovator who brought female representation to home video games 40 years ago.

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