🛠️ Title: Fyrox
🦊️ What's: A libre, general-purpose & mature game engine for 3D/2D game development
🏡️ rg3d.rs
🐣️ github.com/FyroxEngine
🔖 #Linux #GameDev #Engine #Libre
📖 Our entry: bit.ly/bottinLightOn

🥁️ Update: 0.24➜0.27
⚗️ Major update
📌️ Changes: fyrox.rs/blog
🐘 From: mastodon.cloud/@boilingsteam/1

🤓️ (0.24) yewtu.be/34osMyBszQc
🎮️ yewtu.be/RuoLInE34dM
🎮️ yewtu.be/O_ETjSkVBME

So, does there exist anywhere on the internet a text-based “introduction to blender” tutorial? Like, text with screenshots that I can follow at my own pace instead of trying to watch 17 hours of YouTube video and pausing and try to jump back if i need a refresher on where to find a menu item or whatever? (Boosts+) #blender

Fediblock rec.: fedi.tyil.nl 

Here's a guy who sucks:


Boosting transphobic shit from Spinster, Kiwifarms, poast—

Watched a middling doco on Ursula K Le Guin on Youtube and it had a good quote relevant to game making:

> There're an awful lot of books about writing here, and they tend to be very full of rules: do this, don't do that. I don't talk about rules, because I have come to believe that every story must make its own rules _and obey them_.


When are we getting a game with ray tracing that looks like this?

hey can anyone out there help me find critical/theoretical writing on hardware modding? (especially on video game hardware, but any kind of consumer modification of industrially-manufactured products would work)

I know that (e.g.) Stephanie Boluk and Patrick Lemieux have studied video game modding from a software perspective, but I don't know anyone studying hardware mods in particular.

(doesn't need to be "academic," just looking for stuff beyond tutorials and enthusiast press)

(boosts ok!)

The DOS Games Jam has started! This is a casual, unranked jam for creating games that would fit in with the games released for DOS. Tabletop games and zines inspired by games from that era are welcome too! The page also lists tools for creating DOS games


Narrascope was fun! My talk Fantasy Filing Systems: Interactive Narratives of the OS is now available online here:

Does anyone here know of a decent place to get Creative Commons free sounds effects?

Obligatory sorry for barely posting. I need help with this.

This flicker happens at the end of the animation because I'm resetting the boxes to their original positions but changing the text labels to be what they're "supposed" to be. This happens in the same function so I expected it to happen on the same frame but apparently it doesn't.

I'm using the built-in Godot AnimationPlayer node so I can't load the boxes in programmatically. Does anyone have any ideas?

I am speaking Sunday 31-07-20222 online 6:00 pm–6:30 pm (Central European time - I’m in Germany , I think it’s 12 on east coast?) at Narrascope about Fantasy Filing Systems: folder poetry, adventures in the shell, BashCrawl, pseudo-MUDs, games and stories inside dialog boxes and form-builders, etc. It will be streamed and also available as a video afterwards

Full schedule and info on the conference narrascope.org

The internet is old, incredibly old, old and tired. We must let it rest.

hey #berlin some very good people are doing a game performance drama music thing next thursday, its gonna be a trip. free entry and BYOB

Dunno why people don't name their kids after unicode codepoints. Would deffo call one after my fave: Fullwidth Solidus.

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