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me: actually kills myself

friends: oh you had DEPRESSION depression

Además esa discriminación está presente dentro del mismo colectivo LGBTIQ+
¿Que por qué es necesario un si ya hay un día del orgullo LGBTIQ+ y días en contra de la homolesbobitransfobia?

Para eso. Para visibilizar.

Les bisexuales son constantemente invisibilizades:

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“El porno más machista, seguirá siendo la única clase de educación sexual a la que asistirá tu hijo, y tu hija”
Miren este tremendo vídeo.

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“Actually, it’s about ethics in games journalism!”

Can this picture become a meme please? 😂

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La Prensa dice que Uruguay se abstuvo de denunciar a Venezuela ante la Corte Penal Internacional. Falso. Esa decisión fue adoptada por 5 de los 34 miembros de la OEA y Uruguay no fue consultado ni participó de la instancia.

Hoy es día de visibilidad bi. Pasen lindo, amen a quien quieran.

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Happy to everybody out there who's attracted to more than one gender. You identify yourselves in a lot of different ways - bisexual, pansexual, queer, fluid, and with no label at all - but you're all valid and real, and we see you and love you. ❤️💜💙

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I've seen certain ppl suggest that TTG's immense crunch culture is "just how gamedev is" and i would like to suggest that maybe we try to have higher expectations for our industry than just "oh well! sometimes you just work ppl to exhaustion and then dump them on the street"

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Ya know, all this you should separate the art from the artist thing, and I honestly think I don’t have to? There are so many upstanding, decent, beautiful minded artists who are absolutely brilliant why should I have to admire those I don’t respect? Nah.

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☄¡ES HOY!☄
¡Queremos a tode el mundo en la Seregni!

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Che @noseasmalotv@twitter.com cuando nos llegan las regalías por nuestro aporte a @Ovaciondigital@twitter.com?

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En el día de la , apoyamos y celebramos todas las comunidades bi resistentes en todo el mundo. Defendemos la visibilidad e igualdad .

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¿Acaso la gente linda del mundo blogger, booktube y bookstagram va a ayudarme a difundir esto? 🙇‍♀️ twitter.com/LudTukic/status/10

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Cerremos la tele para siempre.

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i wonder if they killed this guy lmao

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A story about a bunch of dangerous magical girls, but most especially about one not-at-all-magical girl.

🍂 Updates every Friday on Webtoon: bit.ly/2DtMYro

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so uhhhhhhhhh circumstances have aligned in a rather unfavorable way for me and at the moment, I can't afford my medicines. for that reason, i'm making an exception and opening up commissions for a short while. RTs are appreciated!

No hay razón para la existencia de las fuerzas armadas en el Uruguay

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