Hovering over targets or player characters' healthbars now shows health or other stats depending on game context.

Fixed global/local coordinate systems issues... Still, the priority should be to introduce actions. I already want to hit that guy in the center, not just stare at it :D

It feels so wrong writing stories instead of programming. Ok, now I have over 50 pages of The Circle of Imerah platformer storyline in three "books", including lore; also I've gathered most of the free assets required. Only one question remains: Was I actually really going to make this game?

Finally a buggy enemy appears. I hope it'll make things a little bit more vivid.

Made cursors for while trying to understand how it's best to merge Acclaim skeleton with Blender-made model, which appeared to be a much harder task than I've anticipated.

Today I've been playing a cool game: forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopi It's really amazing! You can create your own mech, equip it with tons of different stuff, including modules, armor, radars, missile launchers, swords and embark on a quest to help the Universe deal with planets ecology :)

Reorganized completely the Actors bodies management system. Now it's ready for multi-component bodies with skeletons.
Yeah... and failed . Eventually I found the problem with my jams - I'm zero in "front-end" (i.e. GUI) development - it takes me months (actually years) to make something usable. That means no jams anymore. They just bring depression and understanding of own uselessness. Just keep on pointless work on Decoherence - I know I can't ever finish it.

Again, some boring routine with Interface - cursor types, optimizing, improving... Still a hell of work ahead.

Quality slowly starts to pay off in quantity. Button arrangers are working.

Simply put, the squirrel statue in forest didn't look exactly how I expected it...

Wait... it just works... Just one hour and a half and the animation bug, I've been afraid of for months is just gone. WOW.

Eventually I've got the courage to address the interface animation issue. Feels like I need to change several cards at the very bottom of a huge card pyramid :D

Window.Close confirmation done; thanks to Michalis, that was easy.

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