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At the current stage, you can compare the whole Brexit situation to the infinite WinRAR trial.

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wait is this the mueller report everyone's talking about

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[18/4/19] Zak Gramarye rejects Kristoph Gavin's services after beating him at poker. Gramarye then plays with Phoenix Wright and loses, choosing him as Gavin's replacement.

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hey nintendo if joker and robin are now in smash, what about batman? I wanna play smash bros and feel like batman!

(this is the part where you groan because this tweet totally wasn't inspired from another tweet that had the same joke)

As someone who never had the chance to see the Notre Dame in person, this might be my chance to spectate this historical building in it's fullest detail.

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You may say what you want about Ubisoft, but consider that they are a France based company and that this game has a very detailed in-game version of the Notre Dame, what you can see as a form of preservation.

Also it's free. Props to them.

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Assassin's Creed Unity (PC) is free on Ubisoft Store bit.ly/2UIEhle

"In light of the devastating fire at the Notre Dame de Paris, Ubisoft wants to give all gamers the chance to experience the majesty and beauty of the cathedral through Assassins Creed Unity on PC. "

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I still can't believe that "sad" is gonna be released on my birthday.

kinda sad if you think of it like that

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Xbox One SAD (S All Digital) console officially announced

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sometimes I look into twitter and have to occasionally double-check if I didn't end up in middle school recess instead.

let people be excited for a movie, just because they don't see some stupid "f€m!n!st ag€nd@" like you do.

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's Joker joins the battle…tomorrow!

See him in action and see what's included in the Version 3.0 update in this Super video presentation!

🎥 Watch it here: bit.ly/2Zhwny4

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oh man I really wish this Japan exclusive classic ever got a western English release.

good thread

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After my last tweet, I got a couple DMs asking firefighting related questions about the .

I -like most of you- are watching from a world away. But if you’re interested in some profession specific things I’d note/be concerned of, you can follow this thread.

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it really didn't help when I tried to get into xenoblade on my 3DS

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when a game only has one voiceover line for a specific action

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