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@clayote Seasons, I think. day/night cycle helps, but seasons moresore.

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@clayote day/night cycles probably; a place feels more real when it changes in predictable, cyclical ways

additionally, for games set across multiple places, having random effects (weather, encounters, etc) happen at different frequencies in different places helps each to feel unique

What simulation mechanic adds the most to its game's sense of place?

Released version 0.12.1

This has a load of fixes, so if you were very confused when you tried to use last time, maybe try this release.

The main new feature is the rule stepper, which presents a list of rules that ran in a given turn and lets you click one to view the world just after that one ran.

i thought for sure my testing tools were broken but it turns out my program just doesn't cope well with closing that soon after it starts

Why am I advertising LiSE as having a journaling state container instead of having time travel

metrics feature 

Basically this means you give it a function that takes the state of the world and outputs a number. Then the frontend can graph it for you

That type of function also forms the basis for a new type of rule trigger that can be evaluated using Rete's algorithm, making games performant when there are tons and tons of rules, only a few of which execute on a given turn

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The stepper is working

Debating whether to do a release or work on the metrics feature instead

Release work wouldn't be very exciting because it means tracking down bugs that aren't very deep but there are probably a lot of them

I'm working on the stepper, which will make it easy to view the state of the world after one rule's run and just before another

This feels like a killer feature, but I'm trying to describe some specific situation where you'll need it and it's not coming naturally...


it's a good thing I didn't do a new release for the unloader because it's hell of broken!

The part of the data model that actually represents the world state seems to be streaming in and out of memory now. There's still some metadata about the rules engine that's loaded whole and I'll probably need to do something about that when games get *really* long. But maybe I should focus on the debugger at the moment?

Released version 0.11.1

This is a bugfix release that makes keyframes work when you make more than one before you commit.

if i'm not mistaken, the last LiSE release breaks if you try to set two keyframes in a single session

which is awfully inconvenient because you might make a keyframe every time you make a character.

im developer

Implementing the unloader

Things are going faster than I thought and it makes me suspicious that my tests aren't picking up some super obvious bug

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ANATHEMA is a stylish first-person shooter roguelike by me, @modernmodron and @dankwraith. A dynamic faction system means no creature is inherently hostile or helpful, it's all about who you help and who you hurt. On KICKSTARTER now.

it's honestly kind of useless at the moment since you still need to run python yourself outside of ELiDE

so last time I basically had it as a Python distribution that so happens to contain LiSE, ELiDE, and a launcher

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gosh, should i build a windows package of new version ELiDE? it would mean my followers on get a notification...

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