i guess it's a good thing i didn't do a LiSE release when I merged the timestream branch because there are frontend bugs that, actually, I have no idea how long they've been there

current mood: immisserating myself with my github stats

well, the tests are passing, sooooo

well, the tests are passing, sooooo

tfw the tests all pass but the test framework hangs instead of exiting properly.

Hey #indiedev, submissions for #GDoCExpo 2022 close in less than 8 hours! HURRRYYYYY gamedevsofcolorexpo.com/

We pay you to speak, and submitting your game is FREE. If you're a person of color in games, we want to support YOU. All types of games are welcome — digital, analog, we love them all. And new speakers are very welcome.

Submit what you got ASAP! #CFP #gamedev

LB: I've known from the start that LiSE was going to need a proper rules engine at *some* point, and just put off implementing a real one because I considered time travel to be more basic. The current implementation works ok for toy sims but won't scale to a real Crusader Kings-like

The LiSE world model was inspired by interactive fiction to begin with, so Inform's rules engine might fit the bill...

Queries are coming, too, though I plan on modeling those more off of SQL

also the idea of using Inform wherever for "world-modelling, conversation, or dynamic text generation" (not just parser IF) is fun to think about... imagine Inform living a second life as a kind of embedded friendly prolog-like you use for game dev

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this is super cool and I can't wait to see what people do with it intfiction.org/t/inform-7-v10-
"It is now possible to have Inform projects which run Basic Inform only, a form of the language without rooms, things, vehicles, the command parser, actions, and so on, but still having phrases, rules, lists and the like: in effect, Basic Inform is a general-purpose programming language."

Hi, I'm Andrew. I created and run the monthly indie game anthology, Indiepocalypse.

Each month I curate games from 10 developers (1 being newly commissioned) and sell the issues to promote shorter, weirder, alternative games and to pay the devs.

I've been doing it for over 2 years!


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Hello everyone!
🐾 We are a small duo from Italy making games about marginalized and "difficult" experiences. We aim to offer a helping hand to those who live those experiences, make them feel more understood, and maybe give a new perspective to those who don't live these situations to better understand them.
❤️ We are here to get in contact with other creators, exchange ideas and opinions about games and game design in general!


i have 3 therapy bills outstanding (total $360) that i need to pay before my next appointment. therapy is an important part of managing my mood disorder. any help is greatly appreciated <3


So I think I'm going to add some background processing to precompute those deltas for points in the timestream that I think the user might want to travel to

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Time travelling between different branches of the timestream in is easy when you don't have to display the whole state of the world, but you totally have to do that in or any kind of developer tool at all

Even with the entire history loaded, generating a delta between two world-states is slow. I've gotten the core of the operation into , but I have to serialize everything first, which seems to be a bottleneck

Has anyone used the Grid Engine? github.com/Planimeter/grid-sdk

The features make it sound like sort of a modern BYOND which is intriguing

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