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Casey Weederman

Hello, friends! ✨
Aftertile's second teaser is up!! 🎀
It features the cutest shrine maidens, the smoothest ghosts and Soft Hugs first EP!
Watch the teaser:
Get the EP:

RT and help spread the hugs! (つ≧▽≦)つ ⊂(✧ω✧⊂)

Turns out vinyl is really expensive when you cut a bunch of it at once.

get the t-shirt at
I just uploaded it, so it's 30% off until 2 days from now

Turns out Ren'Py itself is a fantastic tutorial.

Anybody know any good Ren'py tutorials?

@caseyweederman I suspect there's quite a simple implementation that I've been too proud to try

ive just realized ive basically gone into radio silence mode. i havent talked to anyone on here in ages..... just boosting and liking things.


What? What?? Strings == 0? WHAT??
PHP you just took two hours of my time from me