the other night I designed an abstract board game in a dream, and I wrote down the basic design as soon as I woke up. I forgot one of the pieces, but I was able to extrapolate a first draft of rules to _try_ to make all of it functional!

you can read it here, although do note that it's quite long and complicated.

I'm working towards a second version that takes out a lot of the complexity- dunno when that'll be done

@zatnosk @witchfynder_finder yeah lol i only found that this year too, then realised it's actually written on the tab key :blobwhee:

@mno And yeah, peopel would be able to interpret the data to make them look different was if they want :)

@selfsame Jus' sayin': you model a bunch of Bosch figures and package them together and I'm gunna buy that and probably makes games with them.

And if you 3-D print them I'm buying several sets.

@mirzaba i'd never heard of string particles before. they make some nice shapes

@Cheeseness Oh rad. I'll fiel that away. Might actually use Godot to build it I think

@Cheeseness Oh yeah, Gravatar's a good reference, ta!

I agree that, like emptyfortress said, getting some tools done so people can easy work with it in Unity or Game Maker or Godot or whatever is key, yeah. And talking to people and getting a bunch of games / devs interested and putting stuff out early is definitely on the radar too. 'Community' is a word I was missing!

First one is kinda beyond my abilities, but I can maybe works towards it. Second one should be achievable :)

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