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Blueberry Soft

@mkapolka Oh wow, I forgot about tha game. The environment tiles are so good.

@sunsetoverbuildings :0 I tried making a version where you could drop your own music, but never got it figured out.

I did make a version with Grace Jones' Pull Up To The Bumper. Only a WebGL version though, so it runs real bad unless mb you have a fancy computer? Very different kinda feeling, but I can send a link if you want.

The fact that game developers call those post-release write-up things they post on Gamasutra or wherever 'post-mortems' probably says a lot about why their games suck.

Also I should mention that Game Critique Club is starting up on the forums. First game is 'Ball 2' by Phil:

@blueberrysoft Kinda very tempted to recreate this (OBSHAGCE) with ncurses!¿

Winner will receive by snail mail a set of pixel art Soft Hugs Stickers!
RT to enter! Winner announced on Jan 20th! #pixelart #softhugs

PS: Don't know who Soft Hugs are? Watch the MV:

@sunsetoverbuildings I really like what you wrote about Touch Love.

@blueberrysoft Also the little hypermedia framework thing I used OBSHAGCE is up on Github now

Just needs more free images and more documentation :)

@drambique you can't I'm afraid. There are open issues on Github about it, so maybe one day~

@drambique You can change the display name, but not the address, is that what you mean?

@relsqui Oh neat. Hope to see you round then :)