Just sitting around waiting for the giant bomb quick look to go up of our game, no idea if they're even working on one but I've been looking forward to it for years now

The biggest release I've ever worked on, so no big deal right?

Hope people dig it :blobheart:

@coleoptera I wanted to start a space to address that, but my last gallery project turned out to be not really worth the effort so I kinda gave up the idea / lost confidence.

@coleoptera oh yeah, def. They're like two bubbles. Like even the ones I know doing game stuff are just doing it on their own and I just encounter them by accident. Like it's a deliberate separation 'cause there's no like no appealing er... bridge.

Games people see like Cory Arcangle and go ... and art people see... I dunno some hokey shit on Kotaku and no one digs any further I guess???

I'm making a zelda clone, here's a snow scene

@wishdream yeah, makes me excited to see people doing more with ActivityPub than just copying existing social media stuff.

i love all those ideas!

@pearlesque @wishdream i actually dreamed of doing like a little Animal Crossing instance world (actually i think someone's toot here inspired it) where you can walk round and talk to people to view and interact with their toots. but anything more advanced than pulling toots out of an rss feed would be beyond me

@blueberrysoft yes! Or even more recent and explicitly didactic stuff like Harun Farocki and Hito Steyerl. But I feel like more than most media videogames related stuff is especially against taking advice from the history of art...

@coleoptera yeah which is weird considering that i was really supported doing game stuff in my art degree and have come across plenty of people locally doing related stuff that just doesn't seem to get noticed in even middlebrow game circles at all :acnl_shrug:


Farocki's Parallel series should be required viewing imo.

@coleoptera i wish people who made those things had ever actually like watched a Chantel Akerman or a Chris Marker film or something

@wishdream hope they're better when you wake up 🤾👩‍⚕️

@NebulaLagoon Welcome Maria :acnl_clap:

Let me know if you have any questions about how this all works.

I hope you'll share some of your work soon :acnl_joy:

@watercolorheart @youngizzik yeah, pronouns is a good/typical use for them! otherwise link to websites, or other accounts, or just something silly :acnl_gyroid:

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