@ramona last week i was trying to find a video with all the casio loopy games on there, and loopy osts (such a nice sound), but it was so tedious wading through all the homebrand youtube guys going 'lol girl console'.

here's my venn diagram of 'people who know their shit' and 'people who make yt videos':


went on my web site and talked a bunch of shit about the bad side of being in the orbit to retro games


otherwise i've been watching lots of aus films from the 70s and 80s. nothing really remarkable so far, but lots of okay.

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Been very slowly going through those Small Axe films.

Haven't loved any so far, but that sure was one of the few good party depictions I've seen in a film in the second one. And this's been stuck in my head for a week:


cherries 🍒
#pixelart #ドット絵

if you like my work, consider supporting my by buying me a coffee: ko-fi.com/maruki

Haven't had an intro up for ages, so:

Hi, I'm BLUEBERRY SOFT, a videogame company from Melbourne, Australia, living / working on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Bunurong land.

I like working with materials I find online; other people's / collective ideas are more interesting to me than my own.

I'd like to do more local community-building, and generally encourage other people to make games, but I'm kinda shit at it :(



@cat ohhh it was one finger for a space and two after a full-stop actually

Both of the Aphex Twins have a specific role: The first Aphex Twin makes albums. The second twin collects synthesizers. The third twin prevents the first from touching the synthesizers, and the fourth deletes the albums.

Paku Paku uses an "undocumented" CGA mode which is essentially a text mode exploit that lets you have 16 color graphics with a very low resolution.
There are two cool old PC games that use this mode quite successfully, both developed by Macrocom. "Icon: Quest for the Ring" from 1984, and "The Seven Spirits of Ra" from 1987. #DOSGaming

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@cat yeah, i learnt to type with double spaces. i miss the kchunk kchunk kinda. stopped whem html ignored it.

i assume it was a typewriter holdover?

also learnt to use a finger-width space after words when writing.. maybe that's related? it's a nice bit of body involvement...

Everyone's constantly tempted to make their avatar the Windows shortcut icon, so when they boost things it looks like a shorty, right?

Alright, I'm calling it -- Neu] [ower is done! spindleyq.itch.io/neut-tower-a

You can download the disk image and play it on an emulator / real hardware, or you can play it directly in the browser.

Let me know what y'all think! It's been a fun journey to put this all together.

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@ramona Oh ta. I keep forgetting that exists. Gunna try the demo finally.

I thought you might be running some old software in a PC88 emulator or something!

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Hi! Game Making Social is a part of the Fediverse dedicated to being a well-moderated, cosy, friendly place to talk and share stuff about amateur videogame making, and everything surrounding that.

It's kinda an offshoot of Game Making Tools, which is a wiki(+) for a similar audience.

Game makers, game writers, game curators, etc. etc. most welcome!

I also try to maintain a list of not-jerk game-making communities on the wiki, which you might find interesting.

Please read the rules before signing-up :)

PS: We have Animal Crossing, LSD, and Klik & Play emoji :3