@selfsame actually this reminds me of why i only did one ludum dare and rarely do jams. they have like a veneer of community that just makes participating feel really hollow. like you're at a big party with lots of shit going on but everyone's actually sitting there on their own, exhausted.

@selfsame what do you think would make it more satisfying?

I think if I never joined Glorious Trainwrecks, and then later found an encouraging local scene and pals doing interesting stuff I would've given it in maybe.*

Even then, leaving Twitter + covid lockdown def makes doing games feel like casting into the void. Online shit feels so flavour-of-the-day, no matter the medium I think, if that's all there is.

*Well I do give it in like once a month but my brain keeps nagging me with ideas.

I don't think you can argue that the world wouldn't be better if everything was slimy and everything was just sliming and slipping round??

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But big. Human sized eel. But like the length/girth ratio of a pickled cucumber.

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I was thinking Iwould like to be an eel. Hairless and slippery and slimy. Whoosh about.

I was playing this terrible anime puzzle game I must've won on Steamgifts or something, and the voiceover kept saying 'seeeee, not so hard, isn't it' and ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

There's some Irony to how big corporations are absolutely terrible at handling accessibility. Not all of them and not all the time but... Twitch firing their accessibility lead during GAConf and Google killing community captions during deaf awareness week? Can't make this shit up

my lisp game jam entry is up at selfsame.itch.io/orbomancy

it's also the first Godot game written in clojure which was a ton of fun

@hache I think the only opinion I trust on this game is Brendan Sheffield's, and he didn't like it much :(

But if you haven't played the original it will probably still be good?

I dunno why Sega didn't get M2 to do it, or a collection of 1, 2, and RPG :(

@clacke how about you stick your patronising hypotheticals up your arse, and I go chat to the admin of the soapbox server.

@clacke @Cosmobird Ah, I didn't understand what you meant withthe recycling icon. I thought those were your words.

connect.fshm.in is the soapbox instance.

Downloaded a couple of car scripts (etc) of github:


Goes along with a video tutorial. But it doesn't really work well, and the rotation is off-centre for some reason. No reverse.


Okay. Generates a stragely position camera if you don't attach one. You can mess with lots of settings as you play.


I wish cars behaved like this. Including being able to jump.

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