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Blueberry Soft

@Siphonay holy shit

mastodon frontend that makes it look like animal crossing and everyone you follow is a villager and when you talk to them they say one of their recent toots

showing 200+ bitsy games at egx rezzed in london as part of the leftfield collection!!
#bitsy #gamedev

@LogicalDash First time I jumped in 100 Free Assets ☺

Hi @mastohost !

We've been getting a bunch of 500 errors here, seems to be client independant. Are you able to take a look? More details in this thread.


@zanzindorf Actually I just got a 500 too. I'll contact the host about it. Thanks!

@zanzindorf No problems here (three hours later). Which client are you using?

@benlefferts Same! Looking forward to learning about what you do!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Got some goid feedback on OBSHAGCE today.

Weekend project is work in the Sword of Moonlight Wiki, next week projects is do a good beginners guide for OBSHAGCE, and a beginners HTML and CSS guide for Game Making Tools wiki.


@skatebee Oh rad! There's a PDF of the zine with other people's recs. here—

—if you want some more

@ramona Maybe the walls are actually NPCs that just move past the player?

@ramona I have, yep. Never played it though. Maybe my memory of SOM is just bad, but how the hell did they do that elevator!

@ramona Basically my feelings yeah! I have plans for a sci-fi-y thing where you have a little spaceship that goes to different places.

Always get a bit excited when i see people interested in Sword of Moonlight

Earth Defence Force but your only weapon is a football.

So you kick it then have to go get it again.

Would include different kinds of footballs. Maybe other ball kinds too.

Converting OBSHAGCE to use grids instead of tables is going smoother than I thought.

Upsides are:
- the HTML is much easier to read
- and also just makes more sense 'cause I get to use proper semantic tags
- should be better for screen readers too, which is my next goal
- also making me reloik at the CSS properly actualy has me making it much better organised


@zanzindorf Hey here's a cool Mastodon thing: you don't need URL shorteners because all URLs count as using the same amount of characters no matter what length!