@mirzaba @thewaether yeah tbh i'd like to block .social entirely, but some cool people are still there :(

it'll be good to see you round more kate!

Also there are so many neat things to boost.

I wish I had a Muscleveinia screenshot to post :(

I'm trapped in bed keeping the cat warm, that's why i'm mastodoning so much hehe.

@hellojed i'm always keen on a linux build, but easy enough to run the windows one if it's a hassle :)

Finished my game! I'm calling it Detour Theater. Watch a movie in an old drive-in theater! It's for Windows and Mac. Download and play here: hellojed.itch.io/detour-theate. #gamedev

Let me know if anyone wants a Linux build!

vegetation and plant stem columns.

this is pulling hard toward a sort of techno-organic direction, but as if someone were expressing these textures without machines ever having been invented- more rooted in masonry and geometry.

Building out the stable of #pixelart bird monsters with this commuter doodle from last week.

Lore: a perfectionist mad scientist flet his creations weren't horrifying enough for his ideal doomsday. Desperate for inspiration, he created a cute dream monitoring/sharing program, ChooSys ("choo" is the birdfolks' onomatopoeia for snoring), to data mine nightmares. ChooSys determines it can mine faster if dreams never end, trapping everyone in perpetual sleep, much to the scientist's chagrin.

some work on radial elements for treelike forms. this landed in place which also can lean into the shell-like, crinoid end of the spectrum as well, depending on context.

warning about those last boosts though: lots of moving graphics.

@alienmelon I love the combination of the interface with the plain HTML/directories in each of the projects! It feels like going to a museum and then going into the archive behind the scenes

small update!
i just finished my portfolio site of abandoned and unfinished (and also finished) work.
it's very unusual, and interesting.
you play as a little ghost exploring my homepage, and talking to skeletons:
check it out! yay!
i'm really happy about this one. :)

Instance Block, casual racism 

@satanslittlevegan Hi Chevre'. Sorry it's taken a while, but wecome to GM.S :acnl_joy:

I'm here to help if you have any questions. I'm looking forward to New Horizons too. TOO MUCH :acnl_distress:

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