yil there are FOUR picross games jupiter made for the 3ds that never left japan. e9, two club nintendo ones, and a version of a final fantasy f2p one that was originally on telephones.

all have translation patches, so i finally hacked my 3ds.

patching 3ds roms is a weird world of windows cli software i think i have working now. you can do patching at runtime, but it slows things down a lot

def missing the standardisation you have in linux world.

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also you can emulate ps games and it's not terrible. lsd runs fine! so i can play it in bed, which rules :lsd_face1:

been wanting a handheld ps for a bit

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@blueberrysoft oh nooo

Picross 3D: Round 2 ate my entire brain for months. I don't usually have completionist tendencies but I became determined to solve every puzzle. When I finally, FINALLY did, after the credits rolled, it UNLOCKED A BUNCH MORE PUZZLES and that just broke me. I've barely touched it since.

@SpindleyQ I guess I'm like the opposite because I bought an NFC writer so I could use fake amiibos to unock all the extra puzzles :acnl_gyroid:

I love the little sculpture things those puzzles reveal. A little modelling pogram to put things together like that would be fun.

@blueberrysoft I mean, I love Picross, just kind of in an unhealthy way, I guess?

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