also i played ac on someone's stream this morning and it was energising. now i'm daydreaming about a game like weirder, grumpier old animal crossing, but all the animals are low-poly, one-off creature/monter things so their errands are more believable and strange. 'i need 40 spider eyes to summon my friend, fleshy'

@blueberrysoft sounds like you need to play Chulip XD (the errands aren't that strange, but it's a harsh, unforgiving game where everyone is strange and that's awesome)

@bentosmile yeah, i've been wanting to forever!

been playing my ps2 again too (evergrace, which i love) while i fix up my computer and get my backups sorted again

wonder if it's expensive .. ..

i should just do the hdd mod ... ...

@blueberrysoft Sorry for replying late... I picked up a copy I think just to have in my collection, and it wasn't too expensive then, as far as I remember. I guess it's in that sweet spot between "cult game" and "weird" that means not many people want it XD

But also it's available on PS3 if you have one. Though be warned that the game is so illogical that it came with a walkthrough for the whole thing printed in the manual :D so there's no shame in FAQing it

@bentosmile Nah, all good.

Looks like it'd cost me ~AUD$150 with postage :acnl_distress:

Set things up so I can play games from USB it is then.

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