Decided to ease myself into learning how to make music in by making a wind chime program.

...making metallic sounds is pretty difficult, it turns out. Will have to decide if I want to use this marimba-like sound or to keep experimenting...

*keeps experimenting*

The Wikipedia page talked about the marimba having "a more resonant and lower-pitched tessitura [i.e. comfortable range] than the xylophone" - which, technically, says nothing about windchimes, but got me thinking about raising the pitches of the notes, which led to some more tweaking...

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The initial concept I had based on looking at Wikipedia articles about tubular chimes was an initial attack with a lot of harmonic complexity dying away into a pure note (or as pure as PICO-8 allows). As I experimented, I ended up using less and less harsh instruments for that initial attack until I ended up with a single SFX tick on the organ an octave below and five ticks on the phaser at the note's actual pitch before the timbre settles on a pure triangle wave.

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@packbat really interesting reading about this, thanks for sharing!

@blueberrysoft glad to be of service!

I think it help me to do things when I write about what I've done, so ... win-win!

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