so how do i invent miis but for pcs so we can make cute little games and put our friends and pets in them???

i mean i can figure out how to make miimaker, but no one would use them :( :( :(

i guess the important thing is not for it to export 3-d models, but for it just to be data like jsob or yaml or something. that was games can interpret it different ways. but provide standard 3-d and 2-d representations too.


This 'open-Miis' keeps rattling round in my head, so I think I'm going to make a 'proposals' section on the wiki and put thoughts down.

I will probably spend all day agonising over a good name though

@blueberrysoft aesthetically I hate miis... but mechanically they're such an interesting idea. a broad open source implementation would be interesting, if perhaps niche.

something something modern Klik'n'Play shared resource library

@mno And yeah, peopel would be able to interpret the data to make them look different was if they want :)

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