Welcome to GM.S Lia!

Not sure if you're new to the Fediverse--let me know if you have any questions.

I also learnt the Violin for like six years, so you can test my memory and ask about that too ;3

Aw thank you so much! I'm super new and still poking around... I'll defs ask if I get lost. :D

And ha, I still have to teach myself to read music! But, really, thanks so much! Wasn't expecting a welcome, let alone such a warm one. ;w;

@liliaco :acnl_heart: I never actually learnt to read music quickly. I learnt Suzuki Method, and I think the basis of that is to learn by ear. Really gave me a lot I think, and I really appreciate it now;even if I just wanted to learn the drums at the time.

Like we'd always get sheet music and could understand it, but I could never like play from it even when I started playing in a little orchestra.

@liliaco (gosh I still hear music in violin fingerings, if that makes sense. Like instead of hearing A or B or G or something it's numbers 1-4 corresponding to the finger used for the note).

Good luck!

I'm learning about drum machines and synths now, but it's an expensive interest :(


Thank you! And aw, but I'm glad you can finally learn about it!

@blueberrysoft :acnl_disbelief: that sounds useful but also difficult. Didn't get into the habit of relying on my ears in a deaf household, so this'll be interesting.

It's the little twists and turns that keep life interesting, do you know how to play the drums now? :D I keep trying to teach myself, and then don't practice and forget everything. XD

@liliaco I got to play drums a little in highschool and took to it pretty well, but never went past that. I kinda hate cymbals....... But I do have a drum machine :)

Yeah, I think learning by ear really needs a teacher. A cool thing was that there were lots of blind students. The reason my parents started me on it was that they were told I was going blind too, but that didn't eventuate and I get by pretty fine with glasses now.

@liliaco (whoops sent toot to early) So you play other instruments then too?

@blueberrysoft aaaahaha, no, my mum tried to teach me piano, briefly, (she learned it when she still wore hearing aids) and I've been on-again-off-again about teaching myself. XP There are just so many interesting things to learn (+ like school and video games take up time).

@blueberrysoft D: what's wrong with cymbals? And that's actually really cool, my longterm goal is improving accessibility in games :acnl_ddream: but still lots for me to learn. I'm glad there was a space for that, for blind students to learn violin. :3

@liliaco I'm just very sensitive to some sounds. It's fine on recordings, but live the cymbals irritate me a bit.

That is a really cool goal! I try to keep a list of game making related resources here:

so if you have anything to add that'd be really appreciated!! It's something I'm focused on at the moment with web-stuff in particular at the moment, but I have a lot of catching up to do.

@blueberrysoft ohhhh, yeah, that's fair. I get a ringing in my ear with loud, sustained noises.

Oooh maybe not imminently, but hopefully down the line! I am bookmarking this :D. I mostly understand kind of the Deaf experience, but there are so many other people! And that makes sense. Accessibility can really help even "normal" players/users. If I come across anything, I'll definitely toot it (did I use that right :p)

@liliaco Yeah true, I think accessibility is important to a lot more peoples' experiences than people think.

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