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Blueberry Soft @blueberrysoft


:acnl_blush: :acnl_chilling: :acnl_clap: :acnl_crying: :acnl_ddream: :acnl_disbelief: :acnl_distress: :acnl_fear: :acnl_grumpy: :acnl_heart: :acnl_heartbreak: :acnl_hmmm: :acnl_idea: :acnl_joy: :acnl_lol: :acnl_nods: :acnl_proud: :acnl_sad: :acnl_sheepish: :acnl_shock: :acnl_showy: :acnl_shrug: :acnl_shrunk: :acnl_shy: :acnl_sigh: :acnl_singing: :acnl_sleepy: :acnl_smh: :acnl_smile: :acnl_sneeze: :acnl_sunny: :acnl_surprised: :acnl_tada: THERE AREN'T ENOUGH CHARACTERS TO FIT THEM ALL

:acnl_thinking: :acnl_trouble: :acnl_waves: :acnl_wha: :acnl_whoops: :acnl_worry:

(See two-post thread for emotes custom emoji)

(PS if you find this thread and want more AC emoji the rest of the ones I've done are in this post: )