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This PC case I bought for $18 has a DVD burner _and_ seperate reader, but more importantly a floppy drive!

So I'm gunna revert back to when I had my 'games must fit on a single floppy' rule.

This game I have on Steam calked New Kind of Adventure is cool. If you press C to switch to the girl and pick up a rock you can keep hammering jump forever to fly. Doesn't work when you're holding the giant strawberries though.

Moonlit Corpse is getting close to the finish line !!

Here're the last two screenshots I have to upload to the website


Also look at this cool Breakanoid from 1999:


The paddle can move freely, and you can also break blocks with it. But you can also lose a life in the paddle hits certain blocks, and the levels do cool stuff with that.

The guy (Daniel Clav) also made Starbop in 1994, which seems similar. As well as some more typical ball-and-paddle games.

: Leaf Blower

A 3-D game with good physics for simulating a leaf blower, leaves, and wind. The fun part being real tricky stage designs, and having to get all the leaves into a zone by aiming the blower.

So I'm pretty bad at using a leaf blower. This place I was gardening at yesterday has some tricky nooks that I just can't de-leaf properly. I'd rather just use a broom (I did in the end), but we have to work fast. This game is to help me become a pro leaf blower!

Think I'm gunna save for one of those $100 (for low income people) desktops from the recycle place and make a dedicated music area in my studio.

This thing's some hideous XBox-looking colours though. I need to take it apart and spray over that yuck green.

The colours of the main buttons are secretly configurable though. Two of the settings are nice soft pinks/blues/purples.

Also I bought a Roland TR-8 and now I need to learn about using MIDI controllers for playing games with and start making cool Arduino doodads and and and.

But I'll probably just make cool sounds and walk round the house and forget about pooey ol' videogames.

I had this dream where I was inside a text adventure (I don't know how to articulate being inside it--I was like inside, but interacting via a web browser), but instead of typing 'ex amine' you just hovered the pointer over the words and little boxes popped up with more info, and you could go into those and it was like this ant nest of possibilities.

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A short sneak peak video into an RPG about anthropomorphic cuttlefish that I am working on right now.
Media CW: Anthropomorphic cuttlefish.
#GodotEngine #RPG #GameDev #IndieDev

(PS if you find this thread and want more AC emoji the rest of the ones I've done are in this post: gamemaking.social/@gamemakingt )

:acnl_thinking: :acnl_trouble: :acnl_waves: :acnl_wha: :acnl_whoops: :acnl_worry:

(See two-post thread for emotes custom emoji)


:acnl_blush: :acnl_chilling: :acnl_clap: :acnl_crying: :acnl_ddream: :acnl_disbelief: :acnl_distress: :acnl_fear: :acnl_grumpy: :acnl_heart: :acnl_heartbreak: :acnl_hmmm: :acnl_idea: :acnl_joy: :acnl_lol: :acnl_nods: :acnl_proud: :acnl_sad: :acnl_sheepish: :acnl_shock: :acnl_showy: :acnl_shrug: :acnl_shrunk: :acnl_shy: :acnl_sigh: :acnl_singing: :acnl_sleepy: :acnl_smh: :acnl_smile: :acnl_sneeze: :acnl_sunny: :acnl_surprised: :acnl_tada: THERE AREN'T ENOUGH CHARACTERS TO FIT THEM ALL

Just found out it's real easy to copy custom emoji from other instances via the admin panel, so added a bunch :) Mostly hearts, blobs, and CC logos

Also a Godot one :godot: