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Blueberry Soft

@Siphonay holy shit

mastodon frontend that makes it look like animal crossing and everyone you follow is a villager and when you talk to them they say one of their recent toots

showing 200+ bitsy games at egx rezzed in london as part of the leftfield collection!!
#bitsy #gamedev

Got some goid feedback on OBSHAGCE today.

Weekend project is work in the Sword of Moonlight Wiki, next week projects is do a good beginners guide for OBSHAGCE, and a beginners HTML and CSS guide for Game Making Tools wiki.


Always get a bit excited when i see people interested in Sword of Moonlight

Earth Defence Force but your only weapon is a football.

So you kick it then have to go get it again.

Would include different kinds of footballs. Maybe other ball kinds too.

Converting OBSHAGCE to use grids instead of tables is going smoother than I thought.

Upsides are:
- the HTML is much easier to read
- and also just makes more sense 'cause I get to use proper semantic tags
- should be better for screen readers too, which is my next goal
- also making me reloik at the CSS properly actualy has me making it much better organised


work in progress of rendering in 3d the 360 color+depth panoramas @impiaaa has helpfully extracted from myst iv

obviously, with a single-point panorama you really shouldn't wander too far away from the origin, but it's interesting that you *can* and it still looks vaguely reasonable

a lot of the 'noise' comes from jpeg artifacts in the original panorama: next step is to try to clean that up + fill in holes

going to be in New York City in the upcoming several weeks? why not come to Babycastles to see the Glorious Trainwrecks exhibit?! we've got digital games, physical games, even physical digital games, and more!

more information here:

a mostly finished version of my upcoming game VG2 will be part of the arcade, as well as about 75 other digital games by members of the GT community. wow!! also check out a physical rendition of Scramble the Eggnog!

♥ Leaving Ur, by clyde
Noisy Beetle

♥ Mareo Payne, by ghettowreath

♥ Can You Jump It 3D, by increpare

♥ Steve Reich, by BenSironko

♥ BREAKDOWN (or What Am I Supposed to Do With All These Bricks?), by TheCube (aka virtual clint)

♥ Leapfrog, by sylvie

Did a list of Glorious Trainwrecks faves the other day for a zine, but went way over the five game limit. So thought I'd share the full list here:

♥ Aerobiz Supersonic, by mno

♥ Terrifying Drive 3D, by Juliette Porée

♥ Full Speed Kiss, by mkapolk

♥ Lovely Warriors of Friendship, by CureLovelyWarrior



Oi @ramona have you seen this

Get Twine games going on Master System and Game Gear.

Just saw it from someone's comment in another users comment thread.

Advergame Adverjam has started!

I guess I haven't actually mentioned the upcoming Glorious Trainwrecks show at Babycastles...

The prupose of the jame is to create something like interactive posters to promote the event.

Reminder to myself that there's a new Moonlit Corpse screenshot to post, another one coming soon, AND the thing should actually be out within a couple of months!

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Got a real urge to redo Blueberry Soft Official Web Portal

I think I'm really getting into the idea of making some solo board/card/whatever/games.

This Hive Pocket game the Sitdownshutup guy reviewed the other day is the kind of thing that appeals

No bad illustrations of people. Nice shapes, nice things to hold, nice colours.

I wanted to buy some, but that hobby is way too expensive D: Gotta find some good ones I can just print / construct myself (I know that's a thing).

If you have solo game recommendations pass them my way!

The online version of the Bonfire Park zine is out!

I really liked this essay on Jake Clover's Gradient Addiction, by @skatebee

Not often (enough) you get to read a videogame essay by a person who understands videogame construction.