the again, every computer program is also a tiny utopia—if only we can take the world out of context, i can tell you exactly how it works—and maybe it's that *formulation* (not the program that implements it, necessarily, or the artifacts it produces) that remains open, a permanent source of renewal. and in that sense procgen rhetorically operates like any other utopia (which brings us back to _The Dispossessed_ subtitled of course "An Ambiguous Utopia")

My birthday wish is for Lana Polansky to join Mastodon please.


Welcome to GM.S Lia!

Not sure if you're new to the Fediverse--let me know if you have any questions.

I also learnt the Violin for like six years, so you can test my memory and ask about that too ;3


Aunque le falta algo de trabajo, sobre todo en el pelo no estoy seguro de querer seguirle por el momento:

@blueberrysoft I don't know if you use Deviantart, but I also made stamp for Skelesatan
Those kinds of things people display on their profile pages on Deviantart

Five year anniversary of Flappy Bird being removed from the app store!!! Yes I was radicalized by Flappy Bird thanks for asking!!

✨ Hey, I made a bitsy mixer template which you can download and use. ✨

Collect your favourite #bitsy games and present them nicely at your next games event, showcase or arcade. Will also build custom ones if anyone would like that.

💖 💖

Hmmm. Maybe I'm finally ready to release these game/video things. Maybe it's just hot.

I opened up a new issue on RogueBox Adventures gitlab page where I explain what BGM/SFX is still missing for the next release.
Everybody is free to join the discussion.

oh right, floppy drives use a different bloody connection, whoooooops. at least i can use it for my burner.

looks like no one makes pci floppy controllers, but i can order a little controller adapter thing when i have spare money.

Just released Beepster, a tiny music generator! Play with it here:

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