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Haven't had an intro up for ages, so:

Hi, I'm BLUEBERRY SOFT, a videogame company from Melbourne, Australia, living / working on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Bunurong land.

I like working with materials I find online; other people's / collective ideas are more interesting to me than my own.

I'd like to do more local community-building, and generally encourage other people to make games, but I'm kinda shit at it :(


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music outside sounds like the percussion from a dragon dance with the bass from mambo no 5

mushroom watch! 

day off, so I took a long trek in the park to practice identifying mushrooms. Coolest thing was the huge amount of Sulphur Tuft working on fallen branches and stumps, but I also glimpsed a few classics (puffball, sickener) and some other intriguing ones I couldn't quite identify.

this 3d css things gives me lots of ideas, and gives me a new approach to others, but there's no prebuilt css car like there is in unity. massive oversight by the team. only nerds want to walk on a superhighway.

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i miss making games where you're a car or you drive a car.

For ages I wondered what @noisemakerbot was using to generate the images it posted.

Wanted to make some watermarkless ones for use as textures, so finally did some research. It's using noisemaker. Good one me.

truly your mission is to survive in a world with so much pleasure

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went for a Night Walk then stephen sent me a draft of this, which I think is really good, about why it's worth doing anything for its own sake:

reverse golf (you have to suck balls out of a hole in the lawn)


Saw 'it's just nice to see Charles finally succeed at something' on the fed timeline and thought it was about Leclerc for a sec.

setting perspective to a real low number, and not setting perspective-origin makes it go very glitchy in firefox :3

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