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untitled goose game go

a bunch of people wandering the world making their phones honk at each other

Game Jam Idea: 2 players, 2 missiles, and a ball (the five 'moveable objects' on the Atari).

Maybe that was the inspiration for Videoball?

another one of those days where i'm exploring the little gray box that could, the sg-1000

Just found an article of ESR from 2017 where he describes th restoration of the original "Colossal Cave Adventure".
It's a good read.

Heartbeat transphobia 

I wish people made more games about love. Whatever kinds of love.

I finally did it!
I added the last missing quest to yesterday!
Now I will testplay it a bit myself. If I find no critical bugs I will try to build a beta release next weekend and look for some testers. It would be nice if I could find some here in the fediverse.
Especially people who didn't know the game and could offer me a new perspective.


On 11/9, join The Obscuritory Charity Tea Party Marathon 2019 to raise money for Trans Lifeline! Featuring weird old CD-ROM games and lots of tea!

Can be used as lightning herb. The guardian's skin is tough by itself, and perhaps its shield may have been a prop, for it is a rare example of a metal shield that does not reduce pestilence damage 100%.

Like Likes are failed experiments in the centuries-long effort to create Kirby, the ultimate organism.

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