The GENDERWRECKED ANTIFA BENEFIT SALE is NOW LIVE! Get the game that defined a genderation for 50% off, AND put your money to a good cause!

(image CW: body horror)

Rocket World. Open-world Rocket League. Big area, lots of cars, one ball.

Done a wee blog post on my terrible attempt to do a drawing a day (I like the drawings, it's just that I didn't keep it up):

(the CSS on my blog's a mess, cripes)

Here're the first four of the six images (no captions, sorry. They're some abstract doodles in Tux Paint):

Oh hey, looks like they've ended up releaseing the Ulillillia doco The Platform Master as-is:

tbh honest I'm glad they didn't end up polishing it up.

A week later, my new game has a name. Got level generation to work, barring tweaks. And #ASCII #roguelikes look stunning in 3D.

Quest (1985)

AKA the old Apollo render test that Death Grips sampled in Known For It

Total Knockout/Total Knockout Boxing (Digital Lobster Company/Starhill Productions, 1995) #DOSGaming

It is soft and well-made, but does not offer much in the way of metal, making it ill-suited to use in battle. A long-hilted soul arrow with a barbed point. Long ago, the Way of Rainbow produced its first corporeal beast, a paladin in alabaster armor.

I've started on GhostYard3084 for the C64, a Robotron/Centipede hybrid where only one soft-sprite grunt is moved per frame. Thus, there's plenty of CPU available for a fancy graphics mode.

I'm using UFLI - each 2x8 slab can have two colors plus black, thanks to double-width black sprites under the foreground color. An 8x8 soft-sprite can have 8 colors plus black!

This leaves 2 hardware sprites, which I'll use Asteroids2600 style for ghosts/bats/hearts.

#C64 #Commodore #gamedev #retrogaming

Truck drive test is now available on Itch and on this year's page! And it has collision mechanics!

Panto’s Story (Mangosteen/Kodansha, Mac/Windows, 2000)

All this froggy chair talk makes me want to make progress on my Animal Crossing FOSS thing

Wii balance board as controller you sit on??????

note: check for thing to use it on computers treated at joystick axes??????

Hey all! Im a beginnerish hobbyist game maker who wants capitalism and imperialism out of games
My main is @nohomosuperior
This account is mostly to post about the project im working on, so far ive been just calling it community
Its inspired by stardew valley, night in the woods, undertale, pathologic, and a few other games. Genre wise its like, capitalism survival sim plus town rpg, and the mechanics focus on your characters wellbeing and forming connections w your neighbours :)

Cool thing about playing EDF5 on Linux is if you force Direct 3D all the reflections go a shimmery pink

Sorry for the delay in approving accounts :acnl_distress: please welcome:




If any of you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. A good first step is making a post to instroduce yourself and tagging it 'introductions' and/or 'introduction'

I made my sekret santa gift: Water Lily Beetle Jamboree
a several minute "game" where you can jump on lilypads in a pond, but not much else! more thoughts in the link

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