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Haven't had an intro up for ages, so:

Hi, I'm BLUEBERRY SOFT, a videogame company from Melbourne, Australia, living / working on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Bunurong land.

I like working with materials I find online; other people's / collective ideas are more interesting to me than my own.

I'd like to do more local community-building, and generally encourage other people to make games, but I'm kinda shit at it :(


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<User Sentimental eXperience>
Issue2. Fill the fishbowl with your web memory

This time I drew a fishbowl on the web. When I was a kid, my family had a fishbowl and I was called a fish manager with the role of taking care of fish.

Recently I realised that I'm just passing by a lot of content I see on the web. When I find interesting content I tend to add it to my bookmark, thinking I'll revisit them again. In fact, however, I don't really. At the end of the day, my memory is set to 0 although I visited so many web places. I feel like I'm a passive and sleepy driver on the road.

Thus I decided to create a fishbowl memo pad to write some thoughts about things I see on the web. To be awake more about myself in this world..!

A link:

Now I wonder if this small activity of making notes could bring back my curiosity that I've lost for a while on the web. How's your experience?

(P.s. I recommend that you could enjoy this fishbowl from your computer screen rather than your phone. Sorry for the inconvenience :( I'm still figuring out a few technical issues for mobile.)

I'll meet you again with the next issue. Adios.

Thus I've decided to explore the possibilities of bringing more sentiments and emotions to the web.
From now on, I would like to share with you a series of small web experiments and essays about the user sentimental experience every few weeks.

Here is a link to the first issue, which is a room that I drew to suggest we put down stress about productive behaviours on the digital mediums. You are able to space out here. You'll click elements in the room but may not gain something special.

(*If you open it through your phone I recommend you see it in landscape mode, but it's just a suggestion.)

I will send an email of every issue which will include a link to the work.
I hope you enjoy! Any feedback or collaboration requests are gratefully welcomed. (

Looking forward to seeing you with the second issue soon! Bye bye.
#webdesign #userexperience #user #experience #emotion #sentiment #user sentimental experience

i thought i was going out so i put all my warm and comfy clothes in the wash, now i can't leave the bed :ac_rest:

Hey everyone, Just wanted to share myself a little here. I make long-winded, heart and soul video essays on PS1 games alphabetically and region free.

I like talking about the strange sensations that occur while revisiting these titles and discovering oddities in otherwise forgotten corners of the world.

I worked for years in the film industry and I've been in love with the medium since I was a child, so I try to bring that sensibility to the table.

My channel:


Evangelion is set in the universe where Dahir Insaat is given an unlimited budget to build retractable cities, and presumably, every other Dahir Insaat invention

This morning I was working a bit on my wiki pages for 'memory' and 'homes', mostly adding games that relate.

Stumbled upon @exquisitecorp's games Where I Lived and 232henley, which I liked a lot.

Anyone got any other interesting ones?

Other ones I remembered:

Destroy Your Home:


Whenever I write 'catalogue' I say 'cat-a-log-you-ee' like one long word in my head. Relatable?

Finished! Worked on this throughout the day around medical appointments and shabbat dinner and watching part of a james bond movie?! this 'dronestrument' is now 'game jam' complete. it may get updates at a later point, but not sure.

procedurally-generated environment, playable character, roving character that affects drones, and generated titles. not quite everything and the kitchen sink.

game can be downloaded for mac, win, linux here:


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Not sure if waking up at 5am is better than going to bed at 5am.

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