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Blueberry Soft

Into this Zero 5 Jag game.

Kinda how I want Reckless Felt to be, if it was twice as fast and more skiddy / inertiay, and blueskiesy.

@blueberrysoft To me 'vessel' suggests a space that's more tempoary, whose contents can change and move about, and lets stuff out and in all the time. 'Container' is more independant, more in dialogue within itself. Maybe it has a lid! Things are more ordered and deliberately placed.

Both are useful structures for thinking about games.

'game is a container'

I like this thought. It's why I got properly into making them. Previous I used the word 'vessel', not sure which I like more, there's a little tension between them both that I like, so not gunna put any effort into preferencing either.

Oh hey, there's a cool-looking Flickgame event this Saturday. Make 16 games :knp_al:

Twitter link to Increpare's original post:

the world could use a spiritual sequel to "immercenary"

I wrote about the response to Steam's blog post yesterday, specifically the hand wringing over what is to be done about asset flipping:

Refactoring the ol' website for shites and guygles.

Upside. Better semantic HTML so I can just dump a variety of stylesheets in there and people can pick whichever.

Also doing a docement map / header list 'cause that's the tram I'm on at the moment.

Installed this Firefox add-on called HeadingsMap that gives you one for any page and now I'm annoyed every page doesn't have one already, so—

Also please boost this call out for random doodles/snapshots/whatever to be made into a giant asset pack for flatgames: :hotboi:

Today I learned that there is a #gopher-based IF Archive mirror at gopher://

I would like to announce a public server running #brutaldon:

Brutaldon is a brutalist, Web 1.0 web interface for Mastodon. You can use it as a client for any instance. Currently you do not need a separate brutaldon account. It is compatible with almost any web browser, including text-mode browsers like lynx, w3m, or eww.

Screenshots, issues tracker, and source code are available at

Have fun!

If 'Total Biscuit' was so great why isn't there a 'Total Biscuit 2'?

This is a nice overview on driving a Kindle e-Ink display

Schematics and firmware are included. There's a fair bit of soldering and wiring involved, but it's a good start. This is definitely going to be useful for my #DIY computer


Yo any other Masto people gunna be at the Hovergarden party in next weekend?

I do music! And am available for commissions and freelance work at any budget.