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stuff I've worked on recently:

- recreated the cover art of a video game I played in a dream (depicted)

- spent half a day in an incoherent state making a remix of another game

- committed to making a weekly sprite comic about some of my own games (I'll post the full backlog when I finish today's)

- made a lot of progress on a large game (~2 hours long) I started in dec 2017. it's coming out soon!

Bomb Eye: Wedazistaphian Young & Conquer: The Beyby's World in Evil

Finally learning how to do animation for games in Blender. Gunna write-up a wee guide for the wiki when I'm ready too.

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Special guests Liz Ryerson and Matt Tropiano on WAD Wednesday tonight, starting two hours later than usual at 9pm PST:

Whoops it's 'fuck we have a lot of dishes', and 'moths are eating all our clothes' day instead.

Day off tomorrow. Pumped to work on game stuff, though maybe away from the computer.

Oh great the bullshit accounts get wild when I'm about to go camping for a few days. gunna lock down the instance til i'm back

Or maybe not, jesus. On Wikipedia they use 'creation' but on the actual wiki of OHRRPGCE they use ''construction'

Just realised I've been using the wrong word in my OBSHAGCE acronym: The 'C' is supposed to be for 'Creation', not 'Construction' D:

Okay, so here's a transcript of the @SpindleyQ + Mattie Brice chat from the Glorious Trainwrecks X Babycastles exhibition last year:

Will probaby work on it _a little_ more—maybe another appendix, so feedback very welcome.

Big, big thanks to @Setsuna for the quick transcription, would highly recommend hireing her if you need a video or podcast done!

announcement: luminous corridor is now pay what you want. check it out if you like the sound of a brightly colored, skill based arena shooter with an emphasis on ecosystems. (has local 1-2 player coop)

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