Forget if I posted this here! 10 BP and the really good longform essay stephen wrote about it and I edited is PWYW until my sweetheart's birthday

It's just an alpha release, but Tee-Wee Editor is out and you can see for yourself what it's all about!

“butt capitalism,” in the same vein as butt rock

you should claim this notes: Postcard Writings - Notes and ideas from 10 Beautiful Postcards

laughing like "ohohohohoho" while holding a gloved hand up to your mouth, boost if you agree

Watching Allison Parrish's microblogging about computationally generated asemic writing - particularly about adding a little bit of repetition and structure - has inspired us to mess around a bit with making random glyphs using our PICO-8 bezier curve code.

I think there's definitely room for improvement in this - some kind of "at least this tall" element would make sense, I think - but I'm digging what's here so far.

- ✍🏽 🦊

So weirdest AC things so far:

- I've had rain, but no gyroids :(
- I've basically ignored the other islanders, and they never seem to ask for errands.

Not weird things:
- Having to make indoor and outdoor furniture for new animals is nice.
- Custom clothing patterns are really comprehensive? Like separate patterns for different sort sof hats, jumpers, t-shirts etc.
- It's very windy!

Switc hthoughts so far:

I had to use an amiibo tio transfer the Mii from my 3DS ?!

Oh hey, Dragon's Dogma's on this thing.


The analogue stick on the right joycon thing is in my way.

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New AC thoughts so far:

Seems easier to catch a variety of fish instead of ending up with the same few over and over?

Skin tones don't go very dark.

Maybe the graphics in are too good???

Gunna be much easier to fill the map with pine trees, you can buy as many saplings as you want.

2-players-1-screen multiplayer is kinda not great, but maybe fun to have a buddy help you pick weeds/fruit or something.

I have a big pile of bugs and fish outside my tent waiting for the museum to open.

Also, I've been live streaming my music production and arting over on twitch

I've added the link to my profile.

Wrote about why I am not playing Animal Crossing and instead getting deep into the fandom of a dystopian visual novel:

just going to link to my itchio if people want to play my games or read my angry trans zines

For ez reading, here's a toot thread of all the games i've made so far!

#indiegames #altgames #gamedev

Starting with my first game, GAY FOREST SIMULATOR 2015! You collect firewood so you can have a lovely night with your girlfriend. Very short, simple, not much to it, really was just an experiment to try stuff out. Cute tho.

download to play here:

if you don't have the VX Ace runtime package, you'll need to download that here:

A couple of screenshots from the latest iteration of the post-cyberpunk game I'm working on since way too many years.

#theWorkshop #voxels

snail race

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Hi! Game Making Social is a part of the Fediverse dedicated to being a well-moderated, cosy, friendly place to talk and share stuff about amateur videogame making, and everything surrounding that.

It's kinda an offshoot of Game Making Tools, which is a wiki(+) for a similar audience.

Game makers, game writers, game curators, etc. etc. most welcome!

I also try to maintain a list of not-jerk game-making communities on the wiki, which you might find interesting.

Please read the rules before signing-up :)

PS: We have Animal Crossing, LSD, and Klik & Play emoji :3