Anyone know a good image editor for android? I been using one called lumii and it's starting to bug me. If you're a lumii dev reading this you know what's wrong don't even ask

@alraune is it due to the Android version, or just the model you are using?

If it's the model, then you could try filing a feature request for adding support for your phone: .

There's also a workaround that I have found. You can use APK Mirror instead: (you should choose "arm64-v8a" since it's the most common), download and install, and run. I tried that right now and it launched, but I haven't tested it out. Hope it helps

@TheMainOne its a tablet app. im on a phone. it wouldnt even be good on a phone

@alraune rip, I just noticed that it was basically a desktop app ported on mobile. Unfortunately I can't really help you. If I ever find a drawing app for phones, then I'll try to contact you again

@TheMainOne im not looking for a photo app. i said photo editing.. for making level and exposure adjustments and stuff when i take pictures of my sketches.

I've used Darktable before, but I don't do much photo edit any more and never was much of an expert.
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