I just finished my commission and I am running low on cash and am seeking another commission!! I'm trans and jobless and I can make you characters, backgrounds, cool props, and any kinda general graphic designy 3D stuff, more info in the link

@alraune I may ping you about this after I get paid. What's your price sheet like?

@drwho it's on the commission's page on my two cities depending on the thing, if its someth8ng complicated we can talk a little bit more about it like a fully detailed character etc, thanks for showing interest! But in short terms the lower price stuff tends to float around 20 bucks and upper stuff goes like 200 kinda? It'll make sense when you see the categories I guess

@drwho i feel like i should change it to make a bit more sense lol... a low poly character is like 50 bucks and a high poly one is like 100 give or take.. and also i do abstract backgrounds, graphic designey stuff, scenes for games/etc

@alraune Just took a look. Going to sleep on it because I'm running on wires only right now, give it another look tomorrow night, and think about it. I have a general idea but nothing usefully specific at this second.

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