Playing around mocking up levels with Tilesetter

For my games I usually end up running my own tilemap tool, but that usually only comes together towards the end of the project. It's nice to see mock up how your levels are going to look before you commit.

I've used Tiled before, but its auto tile setup is very time consuming, so I don't find it useful for mocking up scenes.

Finished Delivery Steve!

I still can't seem to get the jump to be consistent at between very high (144+) and very low (25-) frame rates. There is an issue with how acceleration compounds at different time steps that seems intractable.

Just released the 3.1 version of Apocalypse Meow, "The Slightly Better Edition"

This version defaults to mouse lock when playing, supports full screen, and fixes a bunch of performance bugs.

F10 toggle full screen on and off

Enter drops you into editor mode (press v to save the map)

submission compete! Now I just need to get it working with macos.

Also say hello to Bindi the Ravenous Kitten!

I'm streaming development over lunch! (Until 3:30 EST)

I am going to be adding player logic to the game, including:
- The Player State Machine
- Collisions
- Controls

A little interior composition I made up this evening.

Still struggling a little with the perspective for natural objects such as trees.

Also, I've been live streaming my music production and arting over on twitch

I've added the link to my profile.

I'm trying to make all of the assets appear to have the same projection.

Still not quite there, but a little less jarring than the previous attempt.

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I composed a simple scene with the pixel art assets I made today.

It is quite obvious that the projection is inconsistent between the assets :/

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