submission is done!

I decided to try and make a strategic card game this year. Thought it would make for a nice calm jam, oh boy was I wrong!

Might do a few bug fixes tomorrow.

Getting tweening working was so satisfying. Don't have time to apply it to the cards, but some movement in the game helps to bring it to life.

@alexjgriffith Noticed you have repeated the Linux and Mac instructions in 'Install instructions'.

Dunno how much you wanna get into the page markup, but there's a CSS media query to provide alternative content for people who have a preference for 'reduced motion'. In this instance you could use it to replace some of the images with static ones. Downside is that replacing images with CSS introduces other accessibility issues because you can't add an alt attribute :|

@gamemakingtools thanks for the heads up! Fixed the duplication. Will look into reduced motion, there must be a way to hook into the playback of the gif.

@alexjgriffith if you find one let me know! you'd think it'd be trivial to change speed or grab a frame. i know there's a setting in the masto prefs that makes gifs only play on mouseover, i guess with javascript.

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