Until the Morning Breaks is done!

Roam the winter night, shepherding tiny woodland creatures to the light and trying to break the curse of the eternal darkness.

If you are looking for something to distract yourself with this weekend, feel free to try it out!

Ratings open for the submission in 2 hours.

Like all my games, the source is available on Gitlab:

The voting is now open for the next week :)

Play as a saviour burdened with the task of collecting the lost Morning Stones.

Along the way you will encounter little helpless animals lost in the dark, and monstrosities of the never ending night - you'd best avoid the later.

While you can collect the morning stones and save yourself, the only true victory is to save the woodland creatures first. Otherwise, their poor souls will be lost to the darkness forever.

@dthompson It was a struggle 😂

In I achieved this effect using two canvases.

You draw the full game on canvas A. On Canvas B you draw concentric rings of decreasing alpha, working outwards in. Then draw Canvas B onto Canvas A.

There are three tricks to pull off drawing multiple "lights"

1. Set the blend mode to "replace", rather than "alpha blend", otherwise Canvas B would be just black.



2. Quantize the light into bands and make sure the levels for those bands are consistent between all lights.

3. For all "light" sources draw the same alpha level at the same time. If you draw all the rings for one light source and all the rings for another you end up drawing a Venn diagram of sorts. (Make sure you set the blend mode back to alpha mode, the default in love2d, before drawing Canvas B onto Canvas A).


@alexjgriffith thanks for sharing this! very neat game! congrats on finishing a jam game

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