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A little about myself.

I make:
+ Games using with
+ Music using
+ Pixelart using

I try and write at least a game a year.

For writing code, I exclusively use (love the brutalist theme)

Programing languages I love : R, Fennel, Erlang, Scheme, C, Elisp
Programing languages I hate : C++, Python, Javascript, Elisp
Languages I want to work with next: Rust, Elixer

Offline, I enjoy snowboarding and painting minis (Lord of the Rings)

Rebooting my personal blog. This is the third iteration. The first was some horrific Nodejs express webapp, the second was made with hugo and org-mode. Hugo was a big improvement, but its configuration was a pain.

My current iteration is inspired by @cpb m4-blog and @technomancy 's 12 page Makefile (my current Makefile is not quite so compact at 40 lines)

My experience so far: m4 gives me real Gandalf vibes. its super powerful, but also WTF man. Once working its great!


Was playing around with scpaste in as an alternative to gists / pastebin

I was a little concerned that htmlize utilized your current theme, and I couldn't find a way to alter the theme it used.

I whipped up a stylized version, that creates a separate style.css that individual html files link to rather than embedding their own style. This hinders portability, but allows you to change the style of all your pastes by just updating the theme used to build style.css

Made a meme CLI bash script - nyancat

It's cat but with syntax highlighting

Any recommendations for android browsers?

I've been using Firefox for Android for years, but am thinking of moving on.

Made a little ship to have my characters run around on while testing new movement and interaction features. A bit of an improvement over the old white and black void.

Fixed the ungrouping to account for targeted locations. Now to account for walls :facepalm:

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First whack at unpacking stacked entities. So far they unpack but if there is a delay they don't realize a square is already taken, leading to some fun diagonals

Just in the process of upgrading my fennel setup to work with the latest emacs fennel-mode and fennel 1.2 / 1.3-Dev.

FYI for those having issues with their old setups being unable to find sources or properly reloading modules make the fennel-program ("love .") use an absolute path rather than relative "." or ",,",

For example:
(setq fennel-program (concat "love " default-directory))

In the future this could be generalized to search upwards in a love2d project for the directory with main.lua

When it takes more CPU to encode your audio for stream than it does your video. Thanks pulseaudio

Got my Inkscape to Love2d rasterization / packing pipeline up and running.

Also set up a little demo environment to play around with randomly generated characters.

Trying out the no hands no legs no feet vector artstyle in inkscape

Was poking around the pokegold decompilation and came across the underground puzzle. It's such a neat logic game under the hood, but one of the simplest combinations is a valid solution 😂

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i have learned things about gitlab ci.

i don't know if that's good or bad actually,,

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A matter of fashion? An anachronism? You decide!

Boosts welcome.

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why doesn't Mastodon still support webp, that's kinda lame from a user perspective

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I really like the design and general architecture of Scheme better but I feel like Common Lisp would be more useful for actually doing shit. People complain about its weird design warts but generally those exist because it's actually used for real-life things.


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