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oh yeah, maybe i should make an intro post

im tyr (they/them)
i make music stuff a lot (my handle for music on a lot of places is name_impending)

i program mostly in C#, i have been working on a chess/roguelike/cards fusion game

i will likely be posting updates on stuff i make here, so follow if you're interested in hearing about bad games and music

my bandcamp:
my youtube:
:lsd_face1: :lsd_face2:

hey all! this instance was really nice especially for getting to know mastodon but im moving over to my friends moved over there and i havent been as focused on gamedev but im still gonna be posting about stuff i create over there

SiIvaGunner tributing GilvaSunner today:

• changed their pfp to the picture of Timmy Turner’s dad that GilvaSunner used to be
• only uploading rips from games that GilvaSunner actually uploaded OSTs to
• uploading entire OSTs worth of rips at once

this is the closest example of “and yet, a sense of the true self exists in the false self” I’ve ever seen on YouTube

if you're looking for places to get these rips:
- (recommended)
- ripping them from your own game copies

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been making a lot of progress on gamedev lately, but with a bunch of other stuff going on at same time. finally making big progress on a project i wont say much about right now but its been fun working on

skyrim bugged and now there's an immortal teleporting man that's following me wherever i go because i killed his wife. he i won't stop and i love how buggy this game gets

transphobia will only be solved after i gain the ability to open a comically large trapdoor under anyone i wish

Schrodinger's Pooh: Simultaneously infringing Disney's copyright, and not infringing Disney's copyright, until an observer can determine if he's wearing a little red shirt.
#quantummechanics #disney #pooh #ip

discord keeps fucking up around this time of day lately

dumb birdsite drama 

apparently people on twitter are now arguing over whether cannibalism is ethical or not and that’s all i have been seeing on my tl there. i must escape

both slipknot and the supreme court have 9 members,, but I think slipknot could do the supreme court's job much better than the supreme court could do slipknot's

might try doing a game jam or something tbh i think thatd be fun

It's been a while since I worked on a game, so I figured Id update an older game Apocalypse Meow to run in the Browser

Spent some time playing around with the ITCHIO page as well

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