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Huge thanks to everyone who downloaded and tried out the Xbox One demo! As of today, it will no longer be available for download, but it's still playable if you have it on your system.

⚡️ A new demo is coming Xbox One and PS4 on Feb 7th! ⚡️

Just to be clear, I'm not trying to convince anyone they're wrong for like Souls/Bloodborne/etc. If anything I envy you for being to enjoy cool things that don't click w/ me.

Just explaining my perspective after putting hours into Bloodborne, Nioh, and a bit of the og Dark Souls

With Ninja Gaiden for instance, each encounter you fail just pushes you back a bit in the level, so you're free to experiment and try new tactics knowing that the task is difficult, but you can mix things up without consequence. In Souls, experimentation carries risk

See that's the interesting thing, is that I'm not averse to difficult games. Shinobi for PS2 and Ninja Gaiden for the og Xbox are some of my favorite games. They're punishing, but the consequences for death aren't nearly as blatant.
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@TommyOliverSays yes well if you're the stressful type i wouldn't expect the game that comes in "prepare to die edition" would be up your alley

I'm sure the game is balanced for it, but the entire system just makes everything feel stressful to me when playing, and demoralizing when I lose them.

The fun is always marred by underlying dread. I get that's the point, but the last thing I need in my life is MORE stress.
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@TommyOliverSays I've found that the game is balanced around the amount of soul loss that generally occurs with a new player, I ended DS…

I'd assume Sekiro will be using a similar mechanic, so it has an uphill battle to fight in my book.

The main thing that doesn't work for me with the whole Souls genre is the souls themselves.

Having part of progression tied to a resource that can be completely lost if you fuck up makes the entire game like walking on eggshells, and infuriating when you inevitably lose a bunch.
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@TommyOliverSays You might enjoy Sekiro then since it's meant to be a kinda toned down souls esque game with its own unqie twists and …

I wanna like Souls games. I want to appreciate them as the masterpieces they clearly are.

But none are better than a light 7 to me. They're great, and have such cathartic hit impacts, but the entire structure, the entire conceit, is just not my thing.

They just piss me off.

It’s been too long since I last did some 3D.

Game Dev is cool and all but 3D is still my fav.

Kinda miss drawing as well.

... I do too much shit 😂

Got seasonal depression? The answer ISN’T stuffing your face with tons of pizza then puking it up. On that you can trust me 😉

This tweet cost me two followers and tbh that’s fair
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Amazon Shit Car Show

The corporatization of Patreon. I’ve noticed this particular phrase being thrown around a lot in their recent emails.

I’d like to point out it’s been YEARS since I’ve had a PBF sandwich. Which only makes this even weirder.

It’s almost 3AM, and I suddenly have a MIGHTY NEED for a peanut butter and fluff sandwich.

...why brain?


Check your privilege, BUDDY
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@TommyOliverSays Background are love, backgrounds are life. Everyone who denies that is a LIAR

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@TommyOliverSays >missing an arm

Draw her in Baiken cosplay PLEASE

Yeah, she's got it tough ^_^;;
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@TommyOliverSays @schmuccubus azumi is missing an arm? the poor trash panda

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