Ugh, I can understand wanting to tell the story of Tommy's Toys - the gimmick of having dozens of loud shitty weird textmode games supposedly designed by a space alien is hard to resist - but ending it with "he retired after September 11, 2001 to write history articles" is not a great way to phrase "he's spent the last two decades being loudly racist on the Internet"

@SpindleyQ Well, I never knew that. So I looked up Winslow's "history articles" and HOLY SHIT

@dosnostalgic yeah, I got VERY excited after discovering Tommy's Space Panels years ago and started digging - for either the podcast or, can't remember which now - and pretty quickly decided that giving that guy any kind of platform would be a mistake

@SpindleyQ with the text immediately under it "one day all software will be sold this way" .....

@SpindleyQ "one day all software will be sold this way", very Cronenberg.

Walked by this the other day

@Nach I hadn't considered the eXistenZ angle but yup, haha

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