Ugh, I can understand wanting to tell the story of Tommy's Toys - the gimmick of having dozens of loud shitty weird textmode games supposedly designed by a space alien is hard to resist - but ending it with "he retired after September 11, 2001 to write history articles" is not a great way to phrase "he's spent the last two decades being loudly racist on the Internet"

@SpindleyQ I also got the PDF for it but I wanted to wait until the print version arrives to read it

@MichaelKlamerus yeah, I don't really have a good ebook-reading setup. I'm really happy it shipped so quickly!

@SpindleyQ Well, I never knew that. So I looked up Winslow's "history articles" and HOLY SHIT

@dosnostalgic yeah, I got VERY excited after discovering Tommy's Space Panels years ago and started digging - for either the podcast or, can't remember which now - and pretty quickly decided that giving that guy any kind of platform would be a mistake

@SpindleyQ with the text immediately under it "one day all software will be sold this way" .....

@SpindleyQ "one day all software will be sold this way", very Cronenberg.

Walked by this the other day

@Nach I hadn't considered the eXistenZ angle but yup, haha

@ieure shareware was like... my single biggest inspiration to get better at writing software as a kid. Proof that your work could get seen and appreciated even if you were one person making something weird and janky and awkward. I'm so excited that people are finally beginning to put in the work of properly researching and documenting it.

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