What the fuck, there's a Myst board game that's literally competitive jigsaw puzzle assembly??

What do Sirrus and Achenar say when they need to call a plumber? 

Bring me the yellow pages!

Terrible Myst joke 

This joke brought to you by my son, who made a version of it when I told him the Myst board game had puzzle pieces that were inexplicably blue and yellow, and then proceeded to say "do you think I'm the first person to make a joke about the phone book in 2022" 💀

@SpindleyQ before the 2000s the US boardgame industry was pretty damn awful.

@luvcraft the Myst merchandising machine was completely out of control in the 90s

see also, Myst: The Duffel Bag

What do Sirrus and Achenar say when they need to call a plumber? 

@SpindleyQ ohhh nooooooooo

@SpindleyQ the first Android game that Fantasy Flight made (it's the cyberpunk setting they later used for their version of netrunner) was an incredibly convoluted murder mystery narrative game, and one of the components it had was little jigsaw puzzles, though I think it wasn't so much intended as a challenge to fit together as it was a progress tracker of how many of the metaphorical pieces of the puzzle your character had discovered

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