I've decided that it's finally time to retire my iPhone 6S, largely because it sometimes just decides not to vibrate when notifications come in. This has actually been happening for a long time but I had convinced myself I was just spacing out. Pretty sure it's actually broken.

I'm unhappy enough with Apple that I want out of their ecosystem, and it's not like Google is better. I've got a PinePhone but it's not gonna cut it, so I am looking into devices I can put LineageOS / microG on.

I have to try to divine:
* Which devices are well supported by LineageOS
* Which devices will continue to be well supported by LineageOS
* Which devices have strong enough specs that they will perform well as software inevitably gets more bloated over the years I will own the phone
* Which devices are actually attainable locally at reasonable cost

I'm in hell.

Finally pulled the trigger and bought a Samsung Galaxy S10, because they are plentiful, relatively inexpensive, reasonably powerful, and supported by LineageOS.

Went to follow the installation instructions and the button to unlock the bootloader just... isn't there.

Apparently the North American models are basically unhackable. But the wiki doesn't tell you that.

This fuckin' sucks.

@SpindleyQ I bought an S4 several years ago with the exact same story. it was basically a dead paperweight.


@technomancy the worst part is not knowing exactly how fucked I am. Like... this works for some people! I don't know where they live! Maybe some Canadian phones work? With some carriers? The videos I've seen show the option spontaneously appearing after randomly doing the same thing over and over; nobody seems to know WHY it works when it works. All I have to go on are untrustworthy randos in forums saying "yep this worked!" or "no this didn't work".

@SpindleyQ @technomancy man that sucks. I got bit a similar way when I picked up a used Pixel 3 (surely the most unlockable phone?), only to discover it was a former Verizon unit, which have unlocking disabled. It's always a game of lotto 😤

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