I've decided that it's finally time to retire my iPhone 6S, largely because it sometimes just decides not to vibrate when notifications come in. This has actually been happening for a long time but I had convinced myself I was just spacing out. Pretty sure it's actually broken.

I'm unhappy enough with Apple that I want out of their ecosystem, and it's not like Google is better. I've got a PinePhone but it's not gonna cut it, so I am looking into devices I can put LineageOS / microG on.

I have to try to divine:
* Which devices are well supported by LineageOS
* Which devices will continue to be well supported by LineageOS
* Which devices have strong enough specs that they will perform well as software inevitably gets more bloated over the years I will own the phone
* Which devices are actually attainable locally at reasonable cost

I'm in hell.

@SpindleyQ I’m in the same boat, but I’m an iOS developer! If I could reimagine the concept of a phone app, I would want to keep app signing, so I know where an app came from and that it hasn’t been modified, but remove Apple and Google from this verification. I’m hoping future regulations force app ecosystems to do the right thing.


@JonathanGerlach yeah, I think, as a concept, moderation / curation of software is good, but having this work done by one or two companies gatekeeping all software for the most widely used set of general purpose computing devices on earth... is not good.

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