Ok so I was familiar with “the dragon book” - the canonical textbook explaining compilers with a dragon on the cover - but apparently I somehow completely missed the existence of “the dinosaur book” for operating systems??

Now retroactively angry that back in my university days I had to use some BORING operating systems textbook with NO DINOSAURS in it

Is the tenth edition cover a Dinosaur Comics reference? It must be, right?

it seems slightly less blantant than the collectible Canadian dinosaur quarters I posted a few years back and yet somehow less likely to have been a coincidence

I know right!? Not a word about CP/M, TOPS-20, or OS/360!

@goosey @SpindleyQ I just ordered the 2nd edition for 4bux off thriftbooks because of the cool cover alone.

@junkman @goosey I have been thinking of getting the dragon book cover printed onto a t-shirt and now it seems like I have to do a whole series of cool comp sci textbook shirts

@SpindleyQ I like how the author credits on Applied Operating System Concepts imply that the dinosaurs are the authors' fursonas (fursonae?)

@SpindleyQ An O-Reilly book? I have many o them and also like their woodcuts, but I have not been keeping up on which animal is which

@chrisna from what I'm able to find, it looks like it was originally published by Addison-Wesley, and is currently published by Wiley. Referring to books by the weird animal on the cover rather than the author or the boring, generic title has a long, rich tradition in computer science!

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