Read a long post on Tumblr about BYOND (Build Your Own Net Dream), an early accessible tool for creating online multiplayer games, with associated internet community.

This is a thing that I have a really fragmented memory of but I remember being REALLY ENAMOURED WITH IT for a period of time. But when and for how long was fuzzy.

Then I spent a couple hours digging around in the forums, having weird experiences like
* seeing a post by a user and being like "OH I DEFINITELY KNEW SPUZZUM. I don't remember anything about Spuzzum but I knew him."
* only finding a single BYOND game I know I remember playing
* finding my user and discovering I made a grand total of 2 forum posts, 3 months apart, in 2001, which seems to pretty much mark my entire involvement with the community


Anyway I wrote up my personal BYOND experiences as a note underneath the original post, but nobody follows me on tumblr so I'm linking it here too

Gosh, thinking about what would have happened next - pretty soon after I bought that iBook I would have discovered QT AGI Studio, which I ported to the Mac so I could noodle with making adventure games in class -

And Reality on the Norm was also happening in 2001, I probably discovered THAT towards the end of the year or in early 2002, and then my game-making energy was directed THERE for a while

There really was this huge explosion of creative game-making communities online at that time, people working towards their dreams everywhere you looked, stuff becoming broadly possible that had been inaccessible for so long

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