Follow I think I kind of love this search engine that optimizes for pages with lots of text? Like it feels *startlingly* like searching the web did twenty years ago.

@SpindleyQ and it has a .nu tld which makes it sound like it’s cooing at me

@SpindleyQ Oh nice. Search results I'm getting are actually interesting!

@SpindleyQ oh to be a teen in 1990 listening to slayer in the woods on halloween night

I just added a simple command line launcher for searching marginalia plus a string as argument via the links2 browser (thanks for the browser recommendation @kelbot it's now my go-to, even more than w3m)

similar function for searching duckduckgo via CLI:

@kelbot so the commands are now:

ddg <search string>
ddg! <search string> (i'm feeling lucky search piped to output)

marginalia <search string>

@SpindleyQ I decided to take a shot in the dark and see if it'd turn up a tabletop RPG our brother found like twenty years ago and we've never seen since

I didn't find it, but I did find a whole dialogue between several people about the distinction between "video games" and "computer games", which was not even a concept on our radar

- a Packbat 🎒

@SpindleyQ It's interesting and troubling to me that it prioritizes old low-tech websites because the developer says sites that have stuck around for 20 years have a "fundamental redeeming quality" that makes them worth keeping around. Sites that are 20 years old are also probably predominantly by white male techies who have decided to continue paying to keep their old writing online! I really like the idea behind this, but that seems like a big drawback they're looking past

@shadsy This is an important criticism that I hadn't given much thought to! Certainly that kind of "the OLD internet was BETTER" line of thinking ignores or risks celebrating a lot of truly awful shit, and can't be the basis for fixing what we have.

That said, I like how effectively the project makes very clear that search engines make value judgements, and that we can choose to make different ones.

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