Does any mainstream presentation software have features that help a presenter stay on track to deliver a talk within a given time frame? Like, some kind of speedrun-type indicator that tells you "whoops, spent longer on that slide than I expected, will have to pick up the pace a bit over here"

If not, why on Earth not

Just added a very simple version of this to the custom presentation software I wrote for my KansasFest talk and it's great, 10/10 would recommend this exist

Overhauling my too-long KansasFest presentation to cut to the chase much faster for the third time

Man, organizing your thoughts for clear communication is hard

I have run through my KansasFest presentation twice tonight and it is maybe a couple minutes long but it will work. Phewww. There's pretty much nothing I could bear to cut at this point, and much that it pains me to have left out.

My KansasFest presentation about Honeylisp went well! It was streamed to YouTube:

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