Speaking of doomed software, have this utterly indescribable promotional video for Flaii, from 2009

@nasser Years ago I got a resume from someone who worked on it, and a Google search turned up this video; it has been living rent-free in my head ever since

sadly I never got the chance to Flaii myself so I can't describe in any detail what on earth is supposed to be happening here

@SpindleyQ @nasser @qdot from what I can gather this looks like a thing where you pin webpages, images and videos on a 3D plane floating over a background image serving as a terrain.

You could then share this 'space' with people over a URL.

@polychrome @nasser @qdot the thing that intrigues me is that there are _clearly_ live Windows applications running in there, so it seems like it was meant to be a kind of desktop replacement as well

@SpindleyQ @nasser @qdot yeah. not sure how the online component mixes in, it's possible that the shared spaces are only for web stuff but you can launch local applications in them.

@aphyr plural!!

I imagine the whole thing is the result of the director yelling "Bigger! More! Don't just stand there!!" at some programmers mumbling in front a green screen until something snapped

@SpindleyQ I just found the control scheme video and oh my GOD, R/V/F/S instead of arrow keys or W/A/S/D?

@aphyr that's a _lot_

I appreciate that there is a legend for all of the colours except blue

@SpindleyQ @aphyr see in my head it's the other way around. the one guy reeeeally wanted the whole thing to be a musical but the other team members were like "no that's a terrible idea" and then he's like "fuck you guys; I'm going to sing all my lines anyway even if it's just me"

@technomancy @SpindleyQ @aphyr i sense a veteran of high school musical theater somewhere in this loop

@brennen @technomancy @SpindleyQ I can't imagine them doing this without making *some* attempt to fix the meter or rhyme scheme

@aphyr @brennen @technomancy Yeah, I feel like if there was actual musical theater experience anywhere then his feet wouldn't stay planted in the same place the entire time. I would bet significant money that the dude was _heavily_ into Rock Band at the time, though.

@SpindleyQ This Hypnospace Outlaw sequel is gonna be wild

@qdot oh my god, do I need to make that?? I might need to make that

@SpindleyQ love to name my ultimate project an anagram of "I FAIL"

@SpindleyQ I kept reading "flail" until I heard it pronounced.

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