Remembered out of nowhere that there is an entire TLD called .frogans, which is reserved for “Frogans sites”

What are Frogans sites? From what I can tell, Frogans is a doomed / cursed project that has been labouring for a decade to pointlessly redesign every web technology, up to and including URLs, so that when you view a Frogans site in the official (still-unreleased) Frogans Player, it will look exactly the same on every device, down to the pixel.


As far as I can tell, they have supplied no reason for this to exist; no rallying cry like “the web is too complicated” or “end online surveillance”

They just wanted pixel perfect layouts in XML and decided the best way to do that was to become a domain registrar

OK I typed these on my phone before going down the rabbit hole again, so some corrections:
* I said "labouring for a decade" but the Frogans project was actually started in 1999
* The .frogans TLD is _not_ used for Frogans sites - it is used for administrating the Frogans project itself. Frogans addresses are resolved via a new protocol called FNS, or Frogans Network System, which points at a central Frogans Core Registry

OK so Frogans timeline:
* 1999 - STG Interactive founded to develop Frogans
* 2012 - OP3FT is created as a non-profit standards body, to ease fears that one company owning the entire Frogans infrastructure might be unwise
* 2019 - F2R2 founded, by the original Frogans creators, to run the Frogans name registry, for-profit
* Literally two weeks ago: F2R2 attempts to raise €7.5 million by selling shares to the public??

According to they are selling each share for €1250, the average number of shares purchased by a person is 3.24, and they "can still welcome up to 1810 new friends" based on those numbers.

Which means that out of that €7.5 million they have thus far raised...

The Boogerman Kickstarter did better, percentagewise

Who the fuck has paid for all of this for 22 years!?

ok I need to not think about Frogans anymore, thanks for coming with me on this journey, everyone

wait sorry one more Frogans tidbit:
according to the Frogans Technology Overview at, "The content of a Frogans slide can also be enriched by auxiliary files referenced in the FSDL document, which are based on standard formats such as PNG, JPEG, and GIF for image files. The total size of a Frogans slide, including its FSDL document and all its auxiliary files, is limited to 256 KB."

@SpindleyQ "The new medium is rooted in a philosophy where typical end users (who have very limited technical knowledge) should no longer be dominated by the technology they are using, and where their interests should always take center stage." - and how does this tech... do that? bizarre.

@jplebreton by having a single organization in France that controls literally everything, from the client to the name resolution database, of course

@SpindleyQ I tripped over this project sometime last year, in another context (they've also registered their own URL schema!) and the best way I can think to describe it is "outsider art of protocol design."

found a video of what a Frogans site looks like

finally, that killer feature of a website without a titlebar

@fraggle finally, someone invented general-purpose Sonique skins

@SpindleyQ hahaha or the windows xp media player. that's a great analogy

The fact that the project started in the same time frame explains a lot. i'm just amazed that someone is still pouring money down the drain funding this thing after all this time

@fraggle I really wish I could figure out who has been funding them for the past 20 years. Their "list of donors" page is preeeetty bleak

@fraggle @SpindleyQ I worked with a number of clients around 99 who would have LOVED this. They hated that HTML was not pixel perfect and kept trying to make web sites that were big images or PDFs.

@readsteven @fraggle I mean, that was one of Flash’s big niches, right? Maybe now that flash is dead, it’s Frogans’ time to shine

@readsteven @SpindleyQ ah, memories of IE6 and the original CSS ACID tests. Another way in which this is like a time capsule from the early 2000s. I thought the pixel perfect thing seemed like a weird thing to boast about

@SpindleyQ it's nice to know that you'll always be able to fit at least five frogans on a floppy disk

@SpindleyQ @fraggle the full art piece would be a 650MB ISO with a comprehensive encyclopedia depicting the parallel timeline where Frogan really took off, in which cities were redesigned around Segways, Crystal Pepsi is the most popular beverage, etc

@SpindleyQ I showed this to a friend and the first thing he said was "the joe frogans experience"

@DHeadshot @SpindleyQ

Black sheep of an extremely wealthy family funding their child’s tech visionary cosplay because it keeps them out of the club scene?

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