QT AGI Studio is a tool for making and editing old Sierra adventure games. It’s been around for decades. Today I learned that there’s one fork of QT AGI Studio that was ported to QT5, and there’s a second fork of QT AGI Studio that added new features like the ability to open games based on the AGIv3 engine.

Naturally I kinda need both, but the patches conflict. :P

Merged the two QT AGI Studio forks together. AGIv3 still doesn't work. Thankfully, there's a THIRD fork, by a third person who took one of the forks and made a Mac build, AND has a detailed blog post about why AGIv3 games weren't working - turns out the code just doesn't like all caps filenames. Yeargh!

The third fork, incidentally, is a Mac-specific build maintained by a nice fellow who emailed me out of the blue for advice a couple years back because I had produced a Mac build in like 2003 and left it online to rot

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