Constellation Games, @leonardr's first book, came out at the same time as Ready Player One, and everyone who read Ready Player One should have read Constellation Games instead. So every time I see anyone give any oxygen to Ready Player Two I'm just gonna boost his new book, Situation Normal, instead.

that cool with everyone


for context: Constellation Games is a sci-fi first contact story about a dork whose immediate thought when the aliens show up is that he wants to play their videogames

Over the course of the story he comes to realize that the real treasure is the fully automated luxury gay space anarchism we made along the way

since this is doing something resembling numbers where the post I boosted with all the "how to buy Situation Normal" information is not: here's a post with all the details about preordering Situation Normal, including information about an ebook giveaway promotion you should enter:

Looks like Canadian Amazon and all my local indie booksellers finally have the paperback of Situation Normal in their databases. Just placed my preorder!

I’m about 3/4 of the way through Situation Normal and it’s very good btw

@leonardr I hope I have made it clear: I am very excited to read it!

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