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I'm Jeremy! I am interested in weird videogames and retrocomputing.

I founded, a community focussed on creating a positive and accessible place for anyone who wants to make games.

I host the Fringe Game History Podcast, where I interview folks about the early days of weird, personal game dev communities and creators.

I wrote Neut Tower, a puzzle game created entirely on an actual-hardware 286 MS-DOS PC, which I am currently porting to the Apple II.

ok I apparently just wrote 1800 words analyzing the ending of Return to Monkey Island so I guess it's starting to fit together in my brain

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Please join my initiative to raise and enforce the minimum wage in the US so that military recruiters can't prey on impoverished people anymore. I call it 

Wage against the Marine

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This project kind of makes me miss Forth. Part of me is kind of unconvinced that the search for The Perfect Abstraction is worthwhile. The other part can't help but reach for it, all the time.

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Milestone: Displaying some text with a multiline selection.

No interactivity yet but the architecture is there.

I hate my representation of selections right now but that was much of the point of the exercise; get something working that I hate so that I can have a concrete grasp of exactly what's bad about it.

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I'd somehow forgotten about Sub-Zero (Chinese Ninja Warrior) for like a decade or two, I don't know how

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How have I never listened to Mortal Kombat: The Album in full before? Just discovered "Scorpion (Lost Soul Bent On Revenge)" which features someone repeatedly singing "lost soul bent on revenge" in a soulful falsetto and I'm dying, it's killing me it's so good

MAME 0.248 supports .moof files, which are disk images of copy protected Mac floppy disks. ("Moof" is the sound a dogcow makes.)

Hey, that gives me an idea.


“A Moof A Day”

Macintosh .moof disk images of copy protected software, verified in multiple emulators, full metadata, downloadable or playable in your browser. Also: raw flux files, visualizations, handcrafted screenshots, &c.

Fun story: I solved the halting problem years ago and never told anyone. Wrote it up on Cohost:

Just started a blog (still working on making it look more like a 90s site) and published an article from my zine about a long lost MUD

So a weird thing happened. I played through Return to Monkey Island with my wife; a couple of hours every day for about a week.

When I think back on this experience, the overwhelming feeling I remember is... of being excited to play the new Monkey Island.

I don't know if I actually _know_ how I feel about the thing itself. I feel like I hyped myself up so thoroughly that I was not actually able to process the experience.

Need to do a second playthrough, I guess.

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boy this toot I'm replying to was over a month ago huh. well yesterday I decided that because I haven't yet figured out the perfect composable interface that lets you arbitrarily mash extensible editors together, the right path forward involved building some non-composing editors and then looking at them to see what commonalities can be extracted. so I might actually be able to edit some text soon.

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A loudly transphobic bigot is running for school trustee in my area and is clearly backed by significant money; she has signs everywhere and our entire neighbourhood got door hangers outlining how she "rejects 'woke' activism"

There are two other candidates for school trustee and neither of them have anything resembling that kind of visibility. I have not seen a single sign or anything for either of them.

Very worried.

Another subtle thing: you never, not once, click "Talk to Stan" in SoMI. Stan is the one in control of the conversation. You walk onto the lot and he is ON you until you physically walk away. You are not here to ask him about his quirky backstory at your leisure, you are here to Make A Deal.

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@Cheeseness yeah, this is it exactly - Stan and Guybrush should be fleecing each other! Every interaction with Stan should end with both of you having less than you bargained for. It's such a great dynamic, and the sequels never really got it back.

God. Stan's scenes in SoMI are so good. He does not give a single shit about you. Making him a recurring character selling some new bullshit in literally every sequel fucks up the joke IMO but I can understand how hard it would be to resist.

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