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Reading about the 65816 because post-Kansasfest I'm starting to think it might be fun to write an Apple IIgs game

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I'm Jeremy! I am interested in weird videogames and retrocomputing.

I founded, a community focussed on creating a positive and accessible place for anyone who wants to make games.

I host the Fringe Game History Podcast, where I interview folks about the early days of weird, personal game dev communities and creators.

I wrote Neut Tower, a puzzle game created entirely on an actual-hardware 286 MS-DOS PC, which I am currently porting to the Apple II.

Woke up from a dream this morning certain there had once been a comedian-vehicle primetime family sitcom called "Pesci"

I wish there was a way to tell Mastodon "this toot has escaped into the larger fediverse, I am glad they like it but I do not need to be notified whenever someone I do not know and who does not know me likes or boosts it. tell me if my friends like it or if someone responds with actual words, though."

My favourite playful abuse of a soulless tech website by far is Pokey the Penguin's LinkedIn account

Pokey the Penguin has personally endorsed my skills in "pasta", "firefighting", and "contemporary dance", and if that doesn't give me the edge when negotiating with potential employers I don't know what will

Today a woman in front of me in line at Dairy Queen recognized my Gobliiins t-shirt. I never thought the day would come.

The Myst interface is also _real_ bad for navigating a train because everything is super claustrophobic and its too easy to get turned around or miss a particular angle that lets you access an object despite a train being a straight fucking line

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Tried playing The Last Express again and IMMEDIATELY had a situation where I was told a particular dude was waiting for me in the dining car and then he wasn't there so I just sat in a chair not eating dinner and listening to other tables' inane dinner conversation because maybe he's coming? Maybe I have to turn back time and leave my room earlier? What is even going on?

Remembering why I never got anywhere in this game

well I have fennel embedded in rust drawing to one of the little rust game engines (macroquad) so I guess this fantasy console is happening

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Shitty depiction of mental illness 

The novelization of The 7th Guest effortlessly working the game's puzzles into its narrative

slowly getting the feeling that the nix ecosystem is getting more unhinged with time, rather than improving on its glaringly obvious weaknesses, and starting to wonder if I shouldn't have tried guix instead

Kind of excited for this one to be out there because I really love this book: I got to interview Jaroslav Švelch on Gaming The Iron Curtain, a study of hobbyist gamemaking in 1980s Czechoslovakia

For a long time I've wanted to write a book about homebrew and DIY computer games in the 80s and 90s. Specifically amateur games, freeware, the kind of things that were only distributed via sneakernet and BBSs and mail order.

This is, of course, not an easy subject to research.

My Steam Deck arrived today and I can confirm it plays the only important game in my Steam collection beautifully

writing some python code for work right now and aaaaarrrggghhparse

OK, I had to finally read about nix flakes to get nixGL set up, but I have managed to script things to the point where you can just run `nix run --impure` and love2d with 5.2 compat enabled will run.

nix flakes are actually quite good - I can finally specify the version of nixpkgs I want to use in my code! - but in true nix fashion, the docs are _terrible_.

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Decided my design _really_ needed metatables that actually work, so I figured I'd use nix to build a version of love2d with luajit + lua 5.2 compatibility turned on. It's going well.

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I uh. I think I might write my own query engine.

I don't actually care about any of the hard problems of databases - concurrency, scalability, persistence - but I really want to write declarative queries against, like, arbitrary in-memory data structures used by my program

and I think I've figured out enough of the basic ideas that I could maybe write a toy version of that??

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Did some work yesterday putting together packaging for the macOS version and uh... I guess I just can't help myself

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