If I were to make a game (despite lack of programming skills), where should I start?

@SamSamerson I would say look up a few unity tutorials! In one of my intro classes even though I'm an artist, there are some really good tutorials on how to make pong or brickbreaker, just really simple to help you get a feel for the groove of it!

@SamSamerson @youngizzik yeah, you actually do a lot of stuff in Godot, Unity, and Unreal before you have to put any scripting in. And even then you can just copy+paste stuff from the Internet and you'll kinda learn how things work gradually.

I will also forever recommend Klik & Play and other things that do programming in a visual way. RPG Maker, stuff like that.

And gosh there are so many ace things like Bitsy and Flickgame now!

@SamSamerson I also recommend the early versions of Game Maker too. I used to be a mentor for that.
Game Maker and GML makes it extremely easy to ease into programming, I highly recommend that.

Godot, Unreal and Unity has also visual scripting, you dont have to write any code!

There's also RPG Maker, Construct and Klik and Play

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