has wrapped! I've played through the submissions and my mini-reviews follow in the comments. Congratulations to all who took part. I look forward to jamming with you all again.


Catch stars while avoiding sun, moon and... wait is that sun shooting bullets at me? Simple, fun mechanic, good visual design and music. Sneaking past the sun and moon while slipping between bullets is a good challenge.


Disclaimer: I wrote this minimal game to provide some source code for jammers to get started. It's difficult to impartially review your own work but I shall now do my best to review it like I didn't write it:

Five stars! Go play it now!

Decaf Dungeon

A very accomplished 2D jam game and one of my personal favourites of the jam. It has everything. Gameplay, story, looks, polish, feel and lots of coffee. I recommend downloading for the best possible experience.


Pick up runes and deploy them in secret combinations to defeat the tentacled boss. Gorgeous pixel art and colour palette. Rune mechanic works well. Combos are random so its different each time. I want to spend more time in this world.

Duelists @xenobrain
Help Lady Smythe put paid to the cad, Lord Fothergill, on the field of honour.
Again, my own game but in fairness to the other team members, this is the best game you will play all year 10/10

Iron Knight

Battle the mainframe with mid-air jumping attacks. This game is for those who like a challenge. Fantastic mouse-based mid-air dash-strike that takes time to master. Fortunately, you get to practice before you meet the boss.

Attack and Dethrone Dog

Battle the almighty dog, use your dodge powers to avoid projectiles and falling swords. Nicely accomplished boss fight. Enough challenge to keep things fun. The dodge manoeuvre is especially well realised. Would like to see more.

Broad Sword of Justice
Man, kill this fool!

Loving the tasty throwback graphics and music. The one-shot kill makes it harder than it looks, until you figure it out and then it looks harder than it is. That screen shake though 🧨


Frog vs Chicken. Who will win? Nicely realised. Love the way the chicken looks as it appears over the top of the nest. Cute, quirky and fun to play, Would like to know more about the story of this world where frogs seek revenge on poultry.

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